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What Are Stars? Exploring the Wonders of the Universe

Discover the fascinating world of stars, from the closest star (the Sun) to the mysteries of old stars. Learn about their sizes, temperatures, and why they appear as dots in the sky. Explore how stars move through space and the wonders of astronomy. This article includes stunning pictures and answers to common questions about stars.

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What Are Stars? Exploring the Wonders of the Universe

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  1. STARS Trish Jibben Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Cambridge,MA JAXA/SAO/NASA/NAOJ

  2. What are Stars? Astronomy Picture of the Day (February 21, 2007)

  3. What are Stars? • Balls of gas burning billions of miles away…

  4. What is the closest star?

  5. What is the closest star?


  7. People Middle Age Born Grow What are Stars? Old

  8. Stars change as they get older Just like people Stars But they change Slowly… Middle Age Born MDI (NASA) Grow HST (NASA) What are Stars? Old

  9. Stars are different sizes White Dwarf

  10. Stars are Hot! • The color of a star tells you how hot they are. Hot Cool Hottest stars can get to be 90,000 degrees fahrenheit! Cool stars are about 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit

  11. Astronomy Picture of the Day July 20, 2006

  12. Some stars are close together HST (NASA) HST (NASA) Some stars that look close are really far apart

  13. Some are VERY close! HST (NASA)

  14. Stars are moving! Stars Rotate Stars move through space but it takes a long Time to see them move XRT (JAXA/SAO/NASA/NAOJ)

  15. Why do stars look like dots? Close up the statue of liberty looks big! If you move away from it. It begins to look smaller…

  16. Hellicopter Airplane Stars look like small dots because they are very, very, VERY far away. Space Station

  17. The sun is brightest star in the sky -because we are close. Because we are so close to the sun the light is really bright and fills the whole sky up with light! Daylight! SOHO (NASA)

  18. Questions • What would the sun look like if it were far away? • What would stars look like if they were close?

  19. Because the sun is so close we have to use special telescope to see it. • Because other stars are so far away we have to use telescopes to see them too!

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