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Susanne Bruyere (smb23) , Director K. Lisa Yang and Hock E Tan Institute PowerPoint Presentation
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Susanne Bruyere (smb23) , Director K. Lisa Yang and Hock E Tan Institute

Susanne Bruyere (smb23) , Director K. Lisa Yang and Hock E Tan Institute

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Susanne Bruyere (smb23) , Director K. Lisa Yang and Hock E Tan Institute

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Presentation Transcript

  1. ILR Outreach Programming Highlight:Yang-Tan Institute Makeathon/Hackathon April 21-23, 2017, New Lab, Brooklyn Navy Yard Susanne Bruyere (smb23), Director K. Lisa Yang and Hock E Tan Institute on Employment and Disability ILR School ILR Outreach Meeting Thursday, June 1, 2017 401 Physical Sciences Building, Ithaca Room A, ILR NYC conference Center

  2. Presentation Overview Purpose of the event Collaborating partners Funding Details of the event approach Outcomes and next steps

  3. Event Purpose Build partnerships across Cornell University colleges, departments, and locations (Ithaca and NYC), and with technology and community partners More effectively diffuse disability initiatives across Cornell campus interests Raise YTI’s profile among technology-interested organizations and individual experts Engage students across the campus in a disability-focused event

  4. Partnerships Within Cornell – Yang-Tan Institute Entrepreneurship@Cornell Cornell Tech Office of engagement Initiatives External to Cornell – Tikkun Olam Makers (Israel and NYC) Mayor’s Office For People with Disabilities IBM Watson Verizon MakerBot and aproximately 15 other organizations

  5. Funding Competitive RFP process sponsored by YTI to support across-campus initiatives on disability Entrepreneurship@Cornell was awarded initial seed funding to support the Hackathon event Tikkum Olam Makers secured funding to support Makeathon facility location at Brooklyn New Lab Other funding from a wide variety of sponsors and collaborating organizations Significant in-kind match time from Cornell co-sponsoring organizations

  6. The Process Partnership identification/network building over 19 months Confirmation of partners (late fall, 2016) Logistics and planning January – April, 2017 Maker space site identification, accessibility review, and confirmation Solicitation of matching funding Identification of “challenges” and interested persons with disabilities Solicitation of students volunteers for maker/hacker teams Identification of technical expert volunteers to guide teams Rental of needed additional maker equipment Engagement of across CU PR for promotion and coverage Event implementation and next steps

  7. Examples of In-kind Support Management of logistics for – Identifying and securing facility Identifying vendor sources of equipment Site health and safely review Participant food and transportation Contract and fiscal oversight Access (ADA compliance) onsite audit Website creation to solicit “challenges” and students Review of “challenges” submitted Public relations and media outreach Video creation and editing Student project follow-along and mentoring

  8. Event Highlights by Video Video created by Peter Quinn, YTI Web team

  9. Office of Engagement Initiatives password: hack This video was created by Insights International, Inc. (, Ann Michel and Philip Wilde, under a grant from the Cornell University Office of engagement Initiatives; grant application submitted by David Brewer, YTI, and Ami Stuart, Entrepreneurship@Cornell.

  10. Outcomes/Next Steps Summarizing video to partners and sponsors for their use Documentation of Maker products for online open source access for future makers and entrepreneurs Report to Office of Engagement Initiatives Cornell team follow-up debrief about lessons learned Support of individual student Hackathon team to assist them in moving their prototype to proof of concept phase Across Cornell team consideration of next initiatives