just a minute wait a minute in a minute n.
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Just a minute! Wait a minute! In a minute! PowerPoint Presentation
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Just a minute! Wait a minute! In a minute!

Just a minute! Wait a minute! In a minute!

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Just a minute! Wait a minute! In a minute!

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  1. Just a minute!Wait a minute!In a minute!

  2. In the kitchen • CC, can you help me wash these dishes? • Just a minute, Mom. I’m reading a very interesting story.

  3. Dad is reading a newspaper At home • Mmmm. • Dad, can you help me with my Chinese dictation? • Dad, did you hear me? Can you help me with my Chinese dictation?

  4. Mmmm. I’ll be there in a minute. • Dad (still reading his newspaper) • Okay, I’ll be right there. • Dad, a minute has passed. When are you coming?

  5. Talking to a teacher • Mr Chan, I don’t understand this math problem. Mei Ling • I’ll talk to you in a minute, Mei Ling. I need to pass these papers out first. Mr Chan

  6. Can I help you pass them out, Mr Chan? • Thank you. Just a minute. These are the wrong worksheets. Here are the right ones. Mei Ling Mr Chan

  7. Exercise • Kwok Sang: Mr Wong… • Ka Man: Mr Wong, he started it! • Kwok Sang: No, he started it! • Mr Wong: You be quiet! I’ll talk to you______________! Ka Man, tell me what happened? • Kwok Sang: ______________, Mr Wong. That’s not fair! I came to you first. in a minute Just a minute

  8. In the library • Kelly: Do you have any books about legends? • Librarian: _____________. Let me check for you. • Librarian: Yes, we have several books on legends. They are here in this section. • Kelly: Let me write the titles down. Oh, ______________. I dropped my pencil. Just a minute Just a minute

  9. On the playground • Susie: Mary, can we take a break? • Mary: Why? • Susie: I forgot to turn in my homework to Miss Lee. I’ll be back ______________. • Mary: Okay. Hurry up. We’ll wait for you. in a minute

  10. On the phone • Ah Fan: Hi, Ah Mui. How did you do on your Chinese test? • Ah Mui: It was really hard. • Ah Fan: Yeah, I thought it was hard too. • (Doorbell rings) • Ah Mui: Oh, ______________. Someone is at the door. Please hold. I’ll be back _______________. • Ah Fan: Sure. No problem. just a minute in a minute

  11. On a date, in a restaurant • Lady: Oh, I love to eat lobster! • Man: Do you have fresh lobster today? • Waiter: Let me check. I’ll be back ___________. • Waiter: Yes, sir, we have fresh lobster today. • Man: How much is it? • Waiter: $500 per pound. • Man: Umm. __________________________. (He checks to see how much money he has.) • Man: They have really good spaghetti, here. How about ordering spaghetti? • Lady: _____________. (She counts her money.) • Lady: I have enough money for lobster. We’ll have one lobster, please, Waiter. in a minute Just a minute Wait a minute