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Do you know business? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do you know business?

Do you know business?

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Do you know business?

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  1. Do you know business? Answer the following questions. Find out if you are a business leader.

  2. 1. Who are “the two Steves”? Steve Forbes and Steve Case Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Steve Jobs and Steve Case Steve Strauss and Steve Sax Mr. Dave Schmidt

  3. 2. What was the first product ever built by Apple? The Apple The Apple 1 The Apple Core A Calculator Mr. Dave Schmidt

  4. 3. How did the Xerox Machine get its funny name? The inventor heard it in a dream The inventor had 2 X’s in his name The inventor wanted to be last in the phone book A professional linguist coined it from Greek words Mr. Dave Schmidt

  5. 4. What is the most money ever stolen in a white collar crime? $304 million, in a scheme in Holland $2.6 billion, in a copper trading scheme in Japan Approximately $900 million, from a company in the U.S. $1.3 billion in today’s dollars, in Austria-Hungary Mr. Dave Schmidt

  6. 5. Henry Ford invented…? The $5 dollar work day The 40 hour work week Both A and B Neither A nor B Mr. Dave Schmidt

  7. 6. Why is a valuable stock called a “blue chip”? For a famous basketball player Because blue chips are worth more in poker For what was, at the time, a rare South American tortilla Because it performs like a ‘chip off the ‘ol block’ Mr. Dave Schmidt

  8. 7. Who was the first Starbucks franchisee in the U.S.? Magic Johnson Bob Graham Howard Schultz There are no American franchisees Mr. Dave Schmidt

  9. 8. How many businesses are there in the U.S? 4 million 40 million 3 million 30 million Mr. Dave Schmidt

  10. 9. Why are the awards for the best billboards called the “Obies”? Because Obie Wan-Kenobi was a great Jedi Because the “King of Billboards” was Obie Green They are named after ancient obelisks in Egypt Because Obie is short for Obinski, the inventor of the billboard Mr. Dave Schmidt

  11. 10. What is an SBDC? A “Superior Business” in the nation’s capital A small business devoid of currency A Small Business Development Center A starter business dba corporate Mr. Dave Schmidt

  12. 11. How many McDonald’s are there in the world? 3,700 About 10,000 Around 30,000 129,000 Mr. Dave Schmidt

  13. 12. How old was Ray Kroc when he invented the McDonald’s franchising system? 53 40 19 21 Mr. Dave Schmidt

  14. 13. What quote is NOT from Jerry Maguire? “You had me at hello” “Help me help you” “Show me the money!” “Don’t get me started!” Mr. Dave Schmidt

  15. 14. What product did Preston Tucker make? A car A cookie A food storage devise A computer Mr. Dave Schmidt

  16. 15. What movie does not have a key entrepreneur angle? Citizen Kane Forrest Gump Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Casablanca Mr. Dave Schmidt

  17. 16. The Barbie doll was named after The inventor’s daughter Marilyn Monroe Barbara Stanwyck The inventor Mr. Dave Schmidt

  18. 17. What company invented the disposable diaper? Proctor & Gamble Johnson & Johnson Smith & Barney Pampers Mr. Dave Schmidt

  19. How do you rate as a business person? 17-15 right You are ready for Wharton School of Business! 14-12 right FSU, UF, UM are interested in you! 11-9 right With more work you can be a business person! 8-6 right You can be a liberal arts major! 5 and less You can never have enough farmers! Mr. Dave Schmidt