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Safer Schools Use Smart phones Already In Hand

Safer Schools Use Smart phones Already In Hand.

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Safer Schools Use Smart phones Already In Hand

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  1. Safer Schools Use Smart phones Already In Hand Lock downs and Bullying are hot buttons in today’s academic community. Fortunately, technology can help teachers and administrators respond to school violence. ELERTS,aleader in mobile emergency response communication, has two powerful solutions. ELERTS Lock It Down ™ for Teachers Lock It Down ™ is a system that helps authorized personnel and First Responders—those on the first line of school safety defense —communicate their security concerns through a smartphone app. Shared information about evolving threats can impact the outcome of such events. FEATURES • Speed: Information is shared in seconds with trusted stakeholders • Action: If an imminent violent threat is seen, authorized users may initiate a LOCKDOWN by pressing a button on the app • Options: Lockdown, Shelter In Place, and Evacuate protocol are supported • Sharing: Local Police and other First Responders using the LID app also see security concerns on their devices and can respond faster • Viewing: In classrooms, teachers can receive critical messages both on their smart hones and computer screens BENEFITS • In-hand broadcast channel, Contained network of authorized personnel • Supports situational response protocol• Adds situation awareness and speed to police response.• Access control and surveillance video integration SEE PAGE 3

  2. Safer Schools ELERTS Campus ™ for Students Campus ™ can create a safer environment for students by providing them and designated personnel with an easy way to report safety and security concerns to school authorities. Reports may include a Report Type, text description, discreetly-taken photo (app disables flash) and GPS map of the location. FEATURES • Reporting: Menu of Report Types may include Crime, Vandalism, Assault, Harassment, Medical Emergency and other customizable categories • Admin: Reports are managed on the ELERTS EPICenter, a web-based console • Monitoring: A school administrator, SRO or other appropriate person is designated to monitor incoming Reports and to respond • Chat: ELERTS EPICenter allows 2-way chat with sender of the original report • Broadcast: Warnings can be broadcast to all students who use the app BENEFITS • Encourages students tobe vigilant • Empowers students to take action • Handles situation with minimal resources • Enables ongoing dialogue • Utilizes device already in hand School violence has been studied by the Department of Education, the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and others. They’ve found there is a strong relationship between bullying and school violence. Having systems that tackle both may diminish future incidents.

  3. ELERTS Attention Engine tm Let ELERTS help Focus On The Right Camera At The Right Seeing a security incident live on camera allows forfaster response. Unfortunately, 99% of surveillance footage is never watched because there are too many cameras to monitor. Most video is just recorded. Intercepting crime is better than recording it! ELERTS Attention EngineT Muses smart phones and cloud computing to trigger Video Management Systems (VMS) to display the camera nearby an active security incident. HOW IT WORKS Attention Engine works like video analytics but adds human intuition to notice something is wrong.4Camera locations are drawn on a map in the ELERTS EPI Center console 4An ELERTS app user reports a security or safety concern with their smartphone4App sends smartphoneGPS location along with the report4ELERTS Cloud determines nearby surveillance cameras4Security personnel can focus on that specific camera, receive real-time intel and respond quickly4Note: Mapping the location of a smart phone relies on accuracy of phone’s GPS, which may vary. BENEFITS Technology plus human intuition makes video surveillance smarter.4Attention Engine enhances video surveillance systems to include real-time crime interception4Removes “needle in the haystack” guesswork by identifying which camera to watch4Empowers people to help protect themselves4Shows First Responders where to respond ELERTS Attention Engine livens up your CCTV network. Are you getting the mostout of your video surveillance? Studies show that when trying to watch surveillance camera feeds, video fatigue occurs in under 20 minutes and attention wanders.ELERTS Attention Engine brings important new functionality to CCTV networks and adds value to investments in video surveillance.


  5. European Theater, (Ireland, UK, Wales, Scotland ) 2014 Elerts@sgmscorp.com

  6. LOCK IT DOWN when minutes matter

  7. Lock It Down Mobile communication for security threats at schools There were 11 school shootings during the first 19 days of 2014. School shootings are often over in 5 to 8 minutes, yet the national average for police response is more than 10 minutes. Educators and their students are basically on their own during the first critical moments of a school threat. ELERTS offers a solution, a smart phone app that lets school staff report and receive information about evolving threats before and during a suspicious or violent act. With real-time chat, photos, and GPS mapping, the quality and speed of information exchange is greatly enhanced.

  8. School violence is all too common, and incidents are often over before police arrive. While urban shootings may dominate the news, school shootings happen in small towns, too, where response time can be even longer. Experts at the Department of Education, FBI and Secret Service now agree that Situational Response is key to survival in an active shooter incident. Once-popular “lights out, hide and wait” thinking is giving way to proactive procedures and personal training. For Situational Response to work, administrators and educators need real-time information about the events that are unfolding. They must be able to report what is happening, receive immediate instructions and convey potentially life-saving directions to their students. The Lock It Down app from ELERTS connects school personnel to law enforcers and First Responders without dispatch desk delays or 911 screenings. This solution turns a smart phone into a tactical tool What is this? Lock It Down from ELERTS is a web-enabled cloud based system driven by a smart phone app that integrates real-time chat, photo sharing and GPS mapping. • Built specifically for K-12 schools and colleges • Supports photos to enhance GPS and text information • Can connect staff directly to first responders and police • Discreetly broadcasts advisories to school staff • Time-saving “Evacuate” and “Shelter In Place” buttons • Can be coupled with access control and surveillance cameras • Full Test Mode trainingfor authorized Personnel

  9. How is Lock It Down different? “The Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District has been on the forefront of emergency preparedness training for many years. We have presented numerous workshops on emergency procedure program development and implementation for other school districts and communities. When we saw ELERTS at a conference last year, we knew Lock It Down would make a tremendous difference in empowering our staff, protecting our students, and assisting First Responders. It seems only logical that if the technology exists, to use it. I’m proud that D-Y will be a model for other schools across the country.” —Nicholas R. Pasquarosa, Jr., School Resource Officer, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, Massachusetts

  10. Find out more today. Ireland, UK and Europe Call (087) 266-9580 North and South America Call 1-800-410-5941 or (786)223-9018 email Elerts@sgmscorp.com Request information: elerts@sgmscorp.com We are always seeking professionals who want to join a New and Progressive Company that has its eye on the 22nd Century. Join with us in bring security to All walks of life in this hectic and uncertain times. ELERTS are the eyes and ears of the world, protecting it and helping to make it a safe and secure place to live. Don’t you want your family to live in a calm, safe and secure place?? Then join with us in making that happen Norman Eisenberg PA, N. & S, America & European Coordinator

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