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  1. English Classes Teacher Rô

  2. Perfect Tenses Aulas 03 e 04 Houses of Parliament

  3. A) Circle the correct answers. I know Adrian for a very long time. We have been friends since our first day at school, thirty years ago. He came round to see me last night to ask for my advice. His company has been doing very well for the last few years, and they have opened several new offices.

  4. They have just asked Adrian to move to Scotland, to run an office there. He hasn't decided what to do yet. He doesn't really want to move: he has never lived outside Manchester, and he bought a new house there last year. But the new job would be interesting, and very well paid. We talked about it for a long time last night, but of course I couldn't tell him what to do.

  5. B) Read about tennis star Martina Hingis. Write the verbs in the present perfect. And choose time expressions since or for. Martina Hingis picked up her first tennis racket at the age of two. Since then, she has becomeone of the greatest tennis players in the world. Born in Slovakia, she has lived in Switzerland for many years. She became the outdoor Swiss champion at age nine. Sincethen she has wonmany international competitions including Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the Australian Open.

  6. For young stars like Martina, life has its difficulties. They are under constant pressure to win, and they don't have time to just hang out with classmates. In fact, Martina hasn’t attended school since 1994, and she has beenin the public spotlight for years. But she seems to be handling her success well. Since she turned professional, she has playedtennis all over the world and has earned millions of dollars. She sees her life as normal because tennis has been the most important thing to her since she was a little girl.

  7. C) Complete the interview about Martina Hingis. Use the words in parentheses to write questions. Then answer the questions. How long has she played tennis? She has played tennis since she was two. How long has she lived in Switzerland? She has lived in Switzerland for many years.

  8. Has she won any competitions since the outdoor Swiss championship? Yes, she has. Has she attended school since 1994? No,she hasn’t

  9. How much money has she earned since she began her career? She has earned millions of dollars. How long has tennis been important to her? Tennis has been important to her since she was a little girl.

  10. A) Put in Present Perfect and Simple Past Verbs. • The cat has eaten your supper. She took it off the table when I was out.   • 2. Ann has left her job at the bank. She didn’t likeher boss. • 3. I have boughta beautiful dress. I found it at Parker’s yesterday.   • 4. Cathy and Sam have sold their house. They got a very good price.

  11. 5. “Dad has found his glasses” Where did he findthem? Under his pillow. 6. Bill has had an accident. He fell off his bike last night.   7. John and Sue haven’t arrived yet. They took the wrong train.

  12. B) SIMPLE PAST or PRESENT PERFECT Last year was nota good year for Pete and Sonia. Pete hada car accident and spent a month in hospital, Sonia lost her job, the children didn’t pass their school exams, and a lot of other bad things happened.

  13. This year has been much better. Pete has changed his job, and is making much more money. They have bought a new house. Sonia has opened a small restaurant, and it's going very well. They have had a baby. And the other children have passed all their exams this time.

  14. F) Relacione as colunas: 1 My little brother started school when he was six. 2 The Prime Minister hasn't been abroad since January 3 I caught a cold when we went out in the rain. 4 My father has been asleep in bed all day. 5 The Red Cross started in the 19th century. 6 The dentist has asked us to wait for a few minutes. 7 The last bus left several minutes ago.

  15. G) Choose the correct form of the verbs. • My sister has been interested in medicine ever since • she was a child. • b) How long did you study before you qualified? • c) Where did you first meet your husband? • d) Is this the first time you've cooked pasta? • e) We wanted to go to the theatre last night, but there weren't any seats.

  16. H) Write either since or for in the blanks. • I haven't seen my brother for 6 months. I haven't seen • my sister since April. • b) My wife and I have moved three times since we got married. • c) We've lived here for three years, but we're going to move again soon. • d) The Smiths have lived here for a long time. They've lived here since 1980. • e) They have been married since last summer • f) The clock on the campus tower hasn't moved since • 3 :13 on March 2, 1966. • g) Nobody has been able to fix the clock since that time.

  17. I) Write sentences about these situations with since and for. a) Jake has run a small business for five years. b) Andy has lived in Dublin since last year. c) Helen has played the piano for two years. d) Rob has had a Mercedes for five years. e) Jan has been living with Pete since 1994.