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Primus VoIP: Enabling “REAL” Telecom Solution for Today’s Global Market PowerPoint Presentation
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Primus VoIP: Enabling “REAL” Telecom Solution for Today’s Global Market

Primus VoIP: Enabling “REAL” Telecom Solution for Today’s Global Market

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Primus VoIP: Enabling “REAL” Telecom Solution for Today’s Global Market

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  1. Primus VoIP: Enabling “REAL” Telecom Solution for Today’s Global Market

  2. VOIP Defined The Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the convergence of voice and data onto one network. Voice communications are digitized onto Internet Protocol (IP) data packets and transported on managed IP networks or over the Internet.

  3. Why VoIP is the Future, Now • Technology for VOIP services is improving dramatically • Economics are also improving, i.e. lower CapEx • New service protocols like SIP, low cost phone adaptors, and integrated cable modems are emerging • Quality concerns for VOIP are diminishing • Broadband infrastructures are improving • Service without boundaries • VOIP challenges traditional service area boundaries • Local, national, international, and even mobile service is no longer tied ownership of network in home areas. • Carriers/Agents can compete out of region, leveraging brand names, carrier relationships, and system investments.

  4. Beyond the Residential Market • Arguably, VOIP promises to transform the business markets faster than the residential market. • In the Enterprise segment, VOIP is now growing significantly. 90% of enterprises with multiple locations will start switching to IP systems for voice over next 5 years - Phillips Group VOIP will account for approximately 75% of world voice services by 2007 - Frost & Sullivan The IP PBX market is expected to grow to $3.9 billion in revenue by 2005, representing nearly 20% of all traditional PBX sales - Synergy Research

  5. VOIP Is Global! • VOIP has been deployed successfully in international markets to reduce transport costs and bypass high international settlement rates. • International VOIP is widely deployed today by fixed and wireless network providers. By 2008, wholesale VOIP traffic in the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) region could reach 57 billion minutes. About 1,771 billion minutes of retail voice traffic originating in EMEA will have a VOIP component in some portion of the route - Frost and Sullivan VOIP will account for approximately 75% of world voice services by 2007. Frost & Sullivan We predict that the market for IP Services in Western Europe will grow slowly from $14 billion (USD) currently to only $17.5 billion in two years time - analysts at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.

  6. VOIP Finds Its Way Into Software • Instant Messaging software now has voice and video capabilities – Windows XP and Microsoft MSN Messenger since 2001 launch. • Microsoft has also built VOIP capability using SIP into Windows for PC to Phone • OSP (Open Settlement Protocol) emerges as pioneering software platform employed by global carriers such as Primus, AT&T, MCI, and NTT among others for processing VOIP calls. • Development of proxy devices to enable H.323, SIP, and other IP protocols to interoperate between different network platforms.


  8. Primus Pioneers VOIP Deployment • Dec. 2000 – Primus deploys first OSP International gateway VOIP Hub in USA • Dec. 2002 – Primus activates first overseas VOIP gateway partners in Romania, Georgia, and Czech Republic. • December 2002 – Primus carries 62,000 minutes of international traffic on the “public” Internet.

  9. Primus 2001 VOIP Progress • Primus grows global VOIP network to include POPs in over 75 cities and over 25+ countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. • Primus establishes diverse international VOIP hubs in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo • Primus overlays global VOIP infrastructure onto its global circuit switch network to provide diversity, back-up, and quality assurance standards to is IP voice traffic. • Primus hits monthly run rate of over 2+ million minutes per month of international voice traffic on the “public” Internet.

  10. Primus 2002 VOIP Growth! • Primus expands global VOIP network to include partner gateways in over 300+ cities in over 90+ countries. • Primus hits monthly run rate of over 4+ million minutes of international VOIP traffic on the “public” Internet • Primus implements pioneering VOIP proxies in its network to enable interoperability between various IP protocols supported by multiple VOIP gateway manufacturers • Primus integrates consumer and retail traffic into global VOIP network. • Telegeography reports Primus services over 6% of the global market share for VOIP traffic in 2001.

  11. Primus Delivers New Consumer and Residential VOIP Products • July 2002 – Primus launches PC to Phone service on the Microsoft Windows and XP platforms in Australia. • Primus expands PC to Phone service with Microsoft to the United States, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, and Japan. • Introduces Primus branded PC to Phone service employing Primus proprietary soft phone client. • Introduces “private-label” PC to Phone service through new channel segments including DSL, cable, and satellite broadband providers. • Introduces premium enterprise VOIP to business customer channels globally.

  12. Primus Now Paving The Way for Global VOIP Expansion! • June 2003 – Primus attains monthly run rate of over 1 Billion+ minutes of international VOIP minutes per month on the public Internet. • Primus global VOIP network now includes POPs in over 450+ cities and 125+ plus countries worldwide. • Primus launches “next generation” SIP based products and services for consumers and enterprise customers “worldwide”. • Primus expands distribution channels for VOIP products and services to include other fixed and wireless network service providers, global ISPs, DSL, cable, and satellite service providers. • Primus leverages existing sales channels to drive rapid global market penetration for VOIP products and services. • September 2003 – Primus introduces Primus Global Unlimited for consumer and small businesses worldwide, providing virtual phone/direct inward dial capabilities and bundled long distance calling packages on a global scale.

  13. Primus Global VoIP ProductsYour Future, Now.

  14. Primus Global VOIP Products • PC-to-Phone • Global Unlimited • Network Extension

  15. PC-to-Phone Overview Product Description: • Utilizing the Internet, Primus PC-to-Phone allows you to make calls from you PC to any telephone number worldwide, while surfing the internet. Features & Benefits • Great low rates for worldwide calling. • Open an account for as low as $10 to start. • No setup, surcharges, or connection fees. • Automatically recharge and manage your account online Required infrastructure • The PC-to-Phone Prepaid client can be downloaded on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT. Primus recommends using Windows 2000 or XP for best audio performance. • Internet Access • Sound card • Hand or head set

  16. Primus Global Unlimited Product Description • Primus Global Unlimited allows our customers to make calls using a standard analog phone and broadband internet connection from anywhere in the world “on net” and back to the US and Canada for a flat monthly charge. Features & Benefits • Extremely competitive calling plans • Direct inward dialing capabilities • Unlimited calling to people on the customer’s personal Primus network • Virtual US phone number Required infrastructure • Broadband internet access • Analog phone • Free phone adaptor • Primus startup kit • Router if using DSL

  17. Primus Global Unlimited Primus Global Unlimited is easy to set up and easy to use. It works just like the telephone you currently have in your home. Just pick up the phone, dial the number and it connects to the party you are calling. But, for those of you who want to know a little more about what technically makes this product work… Primus uses the phone adapter that we send as a part of your start up package, to convert your voice from an analog signal to a digital signal. The digital signal then can be sent over your high speed Internet connection as data and then is sent over the Internet. When someone calls you, they dial your number, which is translates into something that looks very much like an email address. This number instructs the call to go over the Internet and through Primus’ network to your phone adapter. Your phone rings, and all you have to do is pick up and answer it.

  18. Primus VoIP Network Extension Product Description: • Primus VoIP Network Extension leverages the Primus Global VoIP and TDM networks-offering premium cost- effective long distance calling service to your business customers. This SIP based service can be implemented in hours and is proactively monitored and managed by our 24x7 global service management center. Features & Benefits • Significant savings on both inter and intra country calling • Reduced operating expenses, overhead and maintenance costs, by using a common IP network to provide multiple services • Worldwide implementation availability -virtually anywhere Internet service is accessible • Immediate savings with our streamlined enrollment process that takes hours, not weeks to implement • Reliable, quality voice service based on one VoIP and global TDM network • Conduct business with a trusted carrier anywhere in the world and simplify their global telecom needs. Required infrastructure: • Broadband Internet connectivity. Bandwidth will vary depending on the numbers of channels required. Approximately 9.6K is necessary per channel. • PSTN phone • A low cost SIP Enabled gateway to route the calls. Options are available for large customers with PBXs all the way down to single line remote offices.

  19. Primus Global VOIP Network Extension • The Primus large Enterprise solution is designed for medium and larger sized offices with a PBX. This solution can be scaled from 8 lines up to a full T1/E1 or N X T1/E1 configurations. The SIP gateway solutions available from Primus can accommodate any traffic routed off the PBX to anywhere in the world. This allows for seamless, centralized routing for an entire office.

  20. Primus Global VoIP Network Structure (SIP) The Primus Global IP Network uses SIP protocol to set up, authenticate, and complete calls over our IP network. The network consists of a SIP server which routes calls, collects CDRs and provides a feed to our billing and web based monitoring systems. The calls are routed to ensure the best quality and often times they are taken off our IP network and terminated over the Primus TDM network. The routing intelligence of the network allows Primus to route the call in the most direct and efficient way. The Primus network allows for an IP originated call to terminate to any PSTN phone in the world. Primus has a vast VoIP and TDM network that allows for redundant coverage to most destinations.