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Planning Your First Motorcycle Tour PowerPoint Presentation
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Planning Your First Motorcycle Tour

Planning Your First Motorcycle Tour

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Planning Your First Motorcycle Tour

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  1. Article Details - Motorcycle riding can be an incredible experience. It is liberating, full of energy, and romantic all at once. Riding is a dream of most explorers, making their journey unbelievably addictive and fully worth the risks. To ensure that you experience the adventure you are seeking, whilst remaining safe, I’ll offer you a few tips and tricks to start with. Decide A Place To Ride Planning a great motorcycle road trip demands a lot of preparation. No matter where the journey leads them, be it hills, beaches, or forests – you must have the entire route planned before they leave. Especially if you’ve not been to that destination before. This provides a sense of certainty and viability while on the road. You save a lot of time and stress if you map out the destination before leaving, planning the pit stops along the way. You can be adventurous and leave without planning, in such case you should know how to take care of yourself, your group, your bike and be skilled to tackle any situation at any time. Grab yourself some inspiration from two of our other articles: 7 Road Trips For Every Biker in India and Top 5 Rides in Every Riders Bucket List. If you need something, locals of the destination are your best help. The finest way to deal with uncontrollable situations is by mixing around with the locals. It isn’t just a way to seek help in an unknown place, but also an excellent way to make new friends! motorcycle route planner Depending on the destination you must judge if you can make the journey alone or if you will require support along the way. Travelling in a group can be a safer option, as riders can look out for each other. If you want to explore new or undiscovered places alone, it’s a good idea to let friends and family be aware of where you’d end up every day. I’d consider using Livingit platform to let my friends & family know my plans and they can follow my journey virtually. A major benefit of this is that some people following your journey online might have visited the places that are touring and can suggest a lot of tips for travelling to that location. Whether travelling alone or in a group, making stops along the way is important to rejuvenate and then to continue the journey refreshed. Know How Much Distance You Can Cover in a Day

  2. Know How Much Distance You Can Cover in a Day While on the road, it’s always a good idea to start early and finish early. It’s practical to consider how much you can ride in one day. It is highly advisable to consider your riding distance in your plan. If travelling with a group, then you must keep a check on your riders and must not overdo their limits, bearing in mind that everyone in group is not same and will not be capable of riding the same distance. So, don’t push yourself and others if anyone is feeling tired. It is always advised to stay hydrated and stay fresh throughout the trip. Very few of us drink sufficient water every day, but you cannot make this mistake while on a motorcycle tour. While travelling alone, you must stay alert and vigilant as no one is there to look out for you. Staying hydrated will keep you focused and your muscles will not feel tired so easily. Ensure that you carry a water bottle or a good hydration bag along with you throughout the journey. As a rule, always try to end your journey before dusk. The changing light makes it difficult for the other drivers to see the riders and can invite unwanted trouble. You may stop at a village or nearby town, get a quick nap, dine early and, as a result, be ready for the next day – fresh and excited to proceed. tips for long road trips Bike Maintenance and Check-up Before the Ride It’s critically important for you to be aware of any mechanical issue your bike might have. Before any long trips you must ensure your bike is serviced at least a week prior to the trip. You should test-ride your bike during the week to ensure there’s nothing wrong that happened during servicing. In addition to the bare necessities, you must make sure to carry all the relevant tools in case of any breakdowns. Most of the times the problems encountered on roads are basic ones, you should learn about these basic/common problems and know how to troubleshoot them. This basic skill will save you lots of time and trouble in case of any miss-happenings. A good idea is to go through our checklist: 6 Checks Before The Ride. Safety, Riding Gear, and Luggage

  3. how to prepare for a road trip Everyone rides for different reasons and the way everyone rides is also different. You never know what you’ll encounter on the road and where. Whatever the terrain or distance be, the rider must wear proper riding gear and follow traffic rules. We have seen mishaps take place and know that such situations can be prevented if protective motorcycle gear is worn. The least basic gear which you can wear is a helmet and gloves, even if you should take them on/off multiple times in a short ride, they are worth it. Anticipating any safety issues for yourself as well as the other people on the road will benefit your ability to avoid unwanted accidents. When travelling long distance, travel light. Do not over pack! Too much luggage can be a barrier and will not let you ride freely throughout the trip. Hence, you should stick to the essentials such as a mobile phone along with the charger, wallet, maps, few clothes, etc. Remember packing/unpacking loading and fixing luggage is a pain. So, don’t let excess baggage ruin the experience. More Details visit -