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Arai Motorcycle Helmets-Safety First PowerPoint Presentation
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Arai Motorcycle Helmets-Safety First

Arai Motorcycle Helmets-Safety First

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Arai Motorcycle Helmets-Safety First

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  1. Arai Motorcycle Helmets - Safety First Every motorcycle enthusiast knows the importance of wearing a helmet. Not only does it serve the basic purpose of protecting your head from a fall, it also contributes to your style quotient. There are many companies that claim to manufacture the best helmets, but Arai motorcycle helmets speak for themselves. Created by Hirotake Arai in 1926, Arai has produced state of the art helmets for professional riders. Their whole range of helmets is different from each other, designed to suit different purposes. Each helmet is known to be handcrafted and is truly a work of art. These helmets go through as many as three tests to prove their toughness and surpass all safety standards. One of Arai's most popular helmets are from the Quantum series.

  2. This is a completely new design in the field of helmets which are created for the perfect fit and utmost comfort. These Arai helmets keep moisture and humidity at bay, providing much needed ventilation to the rider. The Quantum series of helmets has set a benchmark for all other manufacturers. The most noticeable features of these sports-touring Arai motorcycle helmets are the emergency release cheek pads, dry cool lining and skull liners. The hand-built outer shell is made of two layers of super fibre and a middle layer of an exclusive, patented Arai fibre. The Hyper Ridge construction at the bottom band of the helmet, further enhances its strength, thus making it the safest helmet a rider could have. The ​Arai Quantum helmets​ are also comprised of the signature Arai brow vents, lever release systems and double D rings. The retractable chin spoiler is created for improved aerodynamics. The new Quantum collection of helmets is available in white or black, besides the wide range of fantastic designs, owing to Arai's master designer, Aldo Drudi's artistic imagination.

  3. Another Arai helmets collection to watch out for is the Viper series, created for everyday use and even for touring. These helmets have a slim, oval-shaped outer shell which is complex laminate constructed. The singularly formed inner shell is of triple density. Its interiors are available in 25 cool combinations and can be removed and washed, when required. It includes the polycarbonate pinlocked visor with inserts. A ventilation duct is provided to keep the visor from fogging up. They are good to go at cruising or high speeds. Article Source: