different types of pool algae and how to deal with them n.
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Different Types of Pool Algae and How to Deal with them PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Types of Pool Algae and How to Deal with them

Different Types of Pool Algae and How to Deal with them

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Different Types of Pool Algae and How to Deal with them

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  1. Different Types of Pool Algae and How to Deal with them

  2. Mighty Algae • It can happen to anyone. You’re looking forward to taking a dip to your swimming pool and then there goes your surprise visitors greeting you - it’s the mighty algae. • Algae are a common concern among pool owners. Other than causing eyesore, algae, generally, pose no further danger to pool users. Algae are single-celled plants. They come in different colors and can easily adapt to various situations. • It’s ironic as algae can be easily prevented, however getting rid of them can turn out a little overwhelming. This is because algae are microscopic in size and has to be millions in number before you can finally get to see them with your naked eye. This also means that dealing with algae, at this time, can already be more challenging and not to mention, costly.  

  3. It doesn't take much for algae to thrive. Here are the different types of algae along with some useful tips on how you can get deal with them.

  4. Green Algae • The most common type of algae. When the pool is not cleaned regularly or there is not enough water circulation, the risk of algae growth increases. • This algae usually floats on water making your pool look as though it has turned all green already. Although the most common, this is also relatively easy to deal with. Using algaecide or shocking your pool is one way you can treat a green pool algae. • Do pay attention as well to your pool walls as green algae may also thrive in these areas where water circulation is poor. You may have to brush your pool and shock it to increase chlorine levels. It’s as well important to keep the pool water clean. Stick to your weekly maintenance routine and keep the pool water balanced.

  5. Black Algae • Also called the blue-green algae, black algae isn’t as common as green algae and can be more challenging to deal with. • Black algae looks like little black dots crowding the pool surface water. They tend to be resistant to chlorine so chances are you’ll find yourself using more chlorine than you usually do. • Generally, pool water will remain clear although you will need to shock your pool aggressively and make sure the water is properly balanced. Black algae forms a protective layer. • Chances are you’d be able to get rid of its topmost layer by using chlorine but would need persistent brushing to finally deal with the bottom layers.

  6. Mustard Algae • The most challenging to deal with, mustard algae is often confused with dirt. You’d be able to distinguish the difference between the too as mustard algae feels slim, wouldn’t settle at the bottom of the pool, and instead climb up the ladder or anywhere water circulation is low. • This type of algae is also chlorine-resistant which means you will need more than the normal amount of chlorine you use for shocking your pools. Dealing with mustard algae follows the similar process as black algae although this one may take you longer. • To encounter algae is only natural although there are ways you can minimize or prevent them from lounging in your pool. The different types of algae can thrive in almost any pool condition and you can deal with them by keeping your pool properly sanitized, balanced, and shocked.

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