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How To Deal With Pool Pump Problems? PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Deal With Pool Pump Problems?

How To Deal With Pool Pump Problems?

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How To Deal With Pool Pump Problems?

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  1. How To Deal With Pool Pump Problems?

  2. Introduction: • The swimming pool pump is the most important element when it comes to run the pool operations effectively. Hence, it is very important to fix pool pump problems time to time to ensure the smooth functioning of your aquatic facility.

  3. Pool pump is the heart of any swimming pool, but if not maintain properly, the pool pump can stop functioning. This can lead in shutting down the pool function. This is not a profitable deal for commercial swimming pool owners.

  4. Due to advanced aquatic technology, it becomes easier for professionals to rectify the problem. So, it is important to hire such professionals who have skills and who can use such advanced technology.

  5. Here are the most common pool pump problems and the ways to fix them: • If your pool pump makes a noise, first you need to check if there are any loose screws in the base of the pump. If you find any, tighten them immediately. If you find a gap between the base and the pump itself; fill the gap with rubber mat to stop the vibration.

  6. Due to mud or dirt accumulated in pool pump, your pump stops to fetch the water. So you need to clean the baskets to remove off all the mud. Then check pump impeller. It is connected to the motor which is responsible for the flow of water. Because of the dirt, impellers usually get jammed over time. Therefore, open the pump and clear away all debris.

  7. Due to a loose connection, the pump doesn’t work. Apart from this, lack of electricity, voltage fluctuations, and a blown fuse are also the main reasons to stop the functioning of the pump. If all these elements are working just fine, then your pool company staff may consider other possibilities.

  8. If your pump doesn’t pull water, the first thing you need to check is to see if anything is stuck in the pump and skimmer basket. When too much mud or dirt gets accumulated, the pump will stop pulling water. You just need to clean the baskets to remove mud.

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