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Action Parts

Action Parts

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Action Parts

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  1. Action Parts Grammar Skill First Grade Unit 1 Week 3 Created by Kristi Waltke

  2. Do you remember the three things we learned about a sentence? • A sentence is a group of words that tell a whole idea. • A sentence starts with a capital letter. • A sentence ends with punctuation (like a period or question mark).

  3. We also learned about the naming part of a sentence. The naming part of a sentence tells us… Who? What?

  4. Now we are going to learn about action parts of a sentence. The action part of a sentence is made of the words that tell what a person or thing does. Let’s look at the action part of some sentences.

  5. Sam naps on Mom’s lap. What does Sam do? “Naps on Mom’s lap” is the action part of the sentence.

  6. The pigs sit in mud. What do the pigs do? “Sit in mud” is the action part of the sentence.

  7. Ox packs the sack. What does Ox do? Packs the sack is the action part.

  8. Let’s make some sentences. The things that Ox does will be the action part of the sentence. Big Blue Ox ____________ . will use the pans naps digs mops the pigs gets the cans

  9. Have you got it? Let’s practice figuring out if the words in the circle tell the naming part or the action part.

  10. Max hops to the top. Naming Part Action Part

  11. Jack can dig. Naming Part Action Part

  12. Mom and Pop eat. Naming Part Action Part

  13. The duck swims in the pond. Naming Part Action Part

  14. We talked about how a sentence needs to tell a whole idea. • If a sentence has a naming part and an action part, it tells a whole idea! • You are getting so smart.

  15. Learning about the action part of a sentence will help you become a super reader!