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How To Choose A Swimming Pool Cover PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Choose A Swimming Pool Cover

How To Choose A Swimming Pool Cover

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How To Choose A Swimming Pool Cover

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  1. How To Choose A Swimming Pool Cover Few purchases that you ever make for your swimming pool will be more important than its cover. Swimming pool covers play an instrumental role in retaining heat in the water of a pool, in addition to protecting against debris entering the pool and minimising the amount of time and effort that needs to be invested cleaning and maintaining it. But if you’re relatively inexperienced with buying swimming pool covers and unsure as to the best option for you, what are the main things you need to think about? What type of cover do I need? Not all pool covers serve the same purpose. At this time of year, for example, there is often particular demand for solar covers, which are specifically intended for the spring and summer, when a swimming pool tends to be most frequently in use. This type of cover helps to reduce heat loss by evaporation, keeping the pool temperature up for when it is to be used again. But it’s also important for a responsible pool owner to have a winter cover to hand to help to preserve the cleanliness of the pool water during the colder and rainier months when the pool probably won’t be in use. Finally, our online store here at Pool Warehouse also offers pool enclosures that aren’t quite ‘covers’ in the same way as the aforementioned. Instead, they effectively turn an outdoor pool into an ‘indoor’ one that can be used, shielded from the elements, right through the year. What shape and size of cover do I need? Again, we give you a wealth of options for this. We offer a variety of standard sizes to choose from for solar covers, for instance, ranging from 10ft x 20ft to 20ft x 40ft rectangles.

  2. However, we also provide an acclaimed made-to-measure service for pools of more unusual shapes and sizes. Whether your pool is a rectangle one not catered for by our standard sizes, or instead perhaps a Roman end, oval, round or kidney pool, we can provide swimming pool covers of almost any shape at competitive prices. What other options do I need to specify? This is often the trickiest part of purchasing a swimming pool cover. Thankfully, we can make it all a bit more straightforward for you, with our informative website that lays out your options simply and clearly, and the reasons why you might conceivably choose them. When it comes to swimming pool cover materials, for instance, we can present such possibilities as the basic Blue Standard, the economically-priced SilverBlue Standard and the EnergyGuard GeoBubble option, which is an excellent choice for indoor pools. We can also bring you the proven SolGuard GeoBubble and the Platinum+ GeoBubble, the latter sporting additional protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. We’ll also educate you on everything you need to know about the key accessories for swimming pool covers, encompassing the likes of towing attachments, strap sets, connectors and reel systems. Such items can greatly lessen the day-to-day hassle associated with your pool cover, and are available from us at prices often heavily discounted on typical Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs ). Remember that if you have any further questions in relation to swimming pool covers and the extras you might need for them, you’re welcome to get in touch with our team. We wish you a very enjoyable spring and summer in your swimming pool, with a cover that makes sense for you!