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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Review Book 1 Questions. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1. 1. Explain the contradiction in the following lines: “The room was not empty,” and “the room was indeed empty.”. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1.

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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  1. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Review Book 1 Questions

  2. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 1. Explain the contradiction in the following lines: “The room was not empty,” and “the room was indeed empty.”

  3. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 2. What causes Montag to realize that he is not happy? Why is he unable to hide it any longer?

  4. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 3. How do teens in Fahrenheit 451 differ from teens in your community? How are they the same?

  5. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 4. “The voice clock mourned out the cold hour of the cold morning of a still colder year.” What effect does the repetition have on the quote passage? What is the meaning behind this quote?

  6. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 5. Discuss passages that suggest Montag thinks for himself now that Clarisse is gone.

  7. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 6. Montag’s hands are infected. What other body parts are soon to be infected? What is this “dis-ease” that is spreading through Montag? How has the motif of hands shown the progression of his disease?

  8. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 7. Montag realizes that he is responsible for not just murdering a woman, but for murdering a lifetime of thoughts. What does he mean by this?

  9. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 8. Discuss the passage Montag quotes from Gulliver’s Travels: “It is computed that eleven thousand persons have at several times suffered death rather than submit to break their eggs at the smaller end.” What does it mean? What does it foreshadow?

  10. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 9. Locate at least 3 objects in the novel and explain how each is symbolic. What is revealed about the society in each objects symbolism?

  11. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 10. Locate at least 3 similes and 1 metaphor in the novel. Your responses should focus on pages 18-68. Explain what is being compared and how the two may be similar.

  12. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 11. Locate and explain at least 3 examples of irony in the text. Your response should focus on pages 18-68. Identify the type of irony used.

  13. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 12. Characterize Mildred. What does she look like? What does she say? What do others say about her? Overall, what do we know about her?

  14. Fahrenheit 451 Book 1 13. Reread pages 64-68. What do you predict will occur in Book Two based on Montag’s reaction on those pages?

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