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  1. DAINIK BHASKAR Abhishek Kumar – 9401 PrernaDawda - 9404

  2. A little introduction on Dainik Bhaskar. • Dainik Bhaskar group - India’s largest newspaper group. • Did you know?

  3. How it all started. • The great expansion outside Madhya Pradesh. • It’s foray into the states of Jaipur, Chandigarh, Haryana, Ahmedabad, etc. • Divya Bhaskar and DNA.

  4. Summary of the supplements to Dainik Bhaskar

  5. Phenomenal growth and success • ABC Certifies Circulation Growth Of Dainik Bhaskar. • Dainik Bhaskar Group has recorded phenomenal growth in circulation as per the latest audited report by Audit Bureau of Circulation.

  6. MILESTONES • 13th August 1958 Dainik Bhaskar launches its first edition in Bhopal. • 1981 Dainik Bhaskar Bhopal Edition became the Largest news paper of Bhopal City. • 1995 Dainik Bhaskar emerged as the No.1 Newspaper in Madhya Pradesh and was declared the Fastest Growing Daily in India, by the Readership Survey.

  7. 6th April 1997: The Launch of the 2nd Edition in Rajasthan from Ajmer. • 3rd August 1997: 3rd Edition, launched from Jodhpur ( 2nd Largest City of Rajasthan) within 4 months of launching an edition from Ajmer • 16th October 1997: Launches Dainik Bhaskar's 4th edition of Rajasthan from Bikaner • 6th March 1999: Kota city, the educational hub of the country, was launched as 6th Edition of Dainik Bhaskar • 17th June 2001: Dainik Bhaskar Group further consolidated its position by launching Faridabad edition, in Haryana state.

  8. 28th March 2004: Dainik Bhaskar Group launched full fledged and independent Divya Bhaskar Surat edition, (2nd largest city of Gujarat) and became No 1 in Surat City out placing old established newspaper of the city. • 2004....: Dainik Bhaskar Group also launched its new Hindi Magazine, 'AHA! Zindagi', the first of its kind on lifestyle and positive thinking. • 2005: Inception of D B Corp Ltd., pursuant to the demerger of publishing business of Writers and Publishers Limited (WPL). AHA! Zindagi’ Magazine launched in Gujarati Language.

  9. 2007 Continued...: DB Corp Ltd. played an integral role as an exclusive partner to New7wonders and its efforts enabling The TAJ MAHAL its rightful place in the “7 Wonders of the World”. • Launch of DB Gold - the first compact newspaper in Gujarati from Surat. • Launch of DNA in Ahmedabad and Surat as a franchise by DB Corp Ltd. • 2008 • Dainik Bhaskar completes 50 glorious years as a leading Hindi Publication. • Dainik Bhaskar was the first Publication in the country to sign a celebrity as a Brand Ambassador – Indian Cricket Team Captain M.S. Dhoni. • An integrated Brand Campaign titled "Zidd Karo, Duniya Badlo" was launched on a nationwide scale – led by M S Dhoni.

  10. SOCIAL INITIATIVES • Bhaskar Foundation • Sanskrit Valley School • Abhivyakti

  11. Printing Technology • Printing Technology : The KBA machine. • Shaper and crisper images due to metal back blankets. • Sharper and brighter text. • Very near to the original color visual reproduction.

  12. CIRCULATION • DainikBhaskaris the daily Newspaper that is most largely circulated in India. • It has a daily circulation of 2, 268, 04. • It is the 11th highest circulated Newspaper Globally. • Although originally published and circulated only, in Madhya Pradesh, the newspaper has expanded significantly outside the state. • By, 1995 – DainikBhaskar displaced ‘Naiduniya’ as the No.1 newspaper in Madha Pradesh

  13. Identification of Market • Jaipur • It was identified as the next big market. (1996) • It targeted to be the no. 2 Newspaper in Jaipur in terms of Circulation. • The first day , it maganed to reach a circulation figure of 50, 000 in Jaipur city. • The circulation reached 172, 347. • It became the number: 1 – most largely circulated newspaper daily in Jaipur.

  14. Chandigarh: (May, 2000) • The same strategy as Jaipur, was used to launch the newspaper in Chandigarh. • Earlier English newspapers outsould Hindi newspapers by six times in Chandigarh, • When DainikBhaskar entered Chandigarh, it became the market no.1 in circulation with 69, 000 copies.

  15. Haryana (June, 2000) • Relaunched in Haryana with a circulation of 69, 000 copies • Ahmedabad, Gujarat • It was launched in Ahmedabad as DivyaBhaskar and on June, 23, 2003 it became the number one most largely circulated newspaper in Ahmedabad, creating a world record. With 452, 000 copies. • It then entered Surat and Vadodara. By 2009, DivyaBhaskar became the largest circulated daily in Gujarat.

  16. 1996 – Present • Madhya Pradesh • 1996: 350, 000 • 2004: 3.5 million in six states • In 2006: It was launched in Amritsar and Jalandar with 178, 000. • The newspaper is circulated across Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, RajastanChattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujrat. • Today it has a daily circulation of 2, 268, 04

  17. DNA • In 2004 • The company launched an English daily , DNA (Daily News Analysis) in Mumbai and it is the second largest circulated in the city. • Today it is published from Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

  18. DISTRIBUTION • Distribution is very important for circulation. • DainikBhaskar group have always come across as keen on their record of circulation. • They made heavy investment in state of art machinery and the newspaper is available in every nook and corner in the market cities. • Bus Stands, Hawkers distribute the newspaper in trains , Eating out joints, etc. • They always offer attractive invitation price. • They are never said to have known for running short of copies. • They went out of their way to keep their distributors happy. • They are very well channelled through their markets.

  19. ADVERTISING REVENUE • MAINLY LOCAL ADS • Since the newspaper is circulated in different markets of the country, City specific, regional advertisements appear in the news paper. • Offered competitive rates to advertisers. • Maintains good relations with the advertisers and its clients through social circuits, client parties, etc. • It is known for calling a client if they advertise in a rival newspaper and ask them for reasons and offer them better prices. • DainikBhaskar, being the largest circulated daily of India, holds a status of high esteem in the minds of advertisers. • But inspite of being the Number: 1 largest circulated newspaper daily, DainikBhaskar makes efforts to reach out to its advertisers. • Established a great rapport with Advertising agencies by organising annual gatherings and maintain client relations. • DainikBhaskar gave advertisers the royal treatment to be preferred over other newspapers.

  20. AREAS OF CATERING • In order to meet the different requirements and adapt to the colloquial tastes of each distinct market, DainikBhaskar is published in 31 editions and 90 sub -editions 2010 • DainikBhaskar is targeted at local hindi speaking people. • Most of its circulation is in North India. • Enjoys an array of audience taste. • From Hard Core politics to regional news and culture – It covers all. • Example: Their surveys and research conducted in Chandigarh showed that people wanted a ‘Hinglish’ kind of language. • They used ‘BolChalKiBhasha’ • It enjoys a mixed target audience, but most definitely Hindi speaking and Politically inclined Audience.

  21. AREAS OF CATERING • DIVYA BHASKAR • Caters to local Gujarati speaking people. • Targets an age group of 35 and above. • Covers politics, religion and culture, so specifically targeted at culturallyconscious and the middle class to the upper middle class sections of the society in Gujarat. • DNA (Daily News Analysis • Caters to English speaking readers. • Mainly targets readers in Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, etc. • Mainly targeted to the cities and the urbanised lot of population.

  22. AWARDS • International News Media Marketing Association Awards • “Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients” • Bronze award for Public Relations and Community Services • Abby’s Bronze Award at Goafest its unique Print innovationin Campaign India Magazine • Platinum award for Public Service Catagory at 39th Creativity • Unique Print Innovation in Campaign India Magazine where all ‘A’ letters were removed from the front page. (39th Creativity) • Silver award for Newsletter B2B Catagory , at 39th creativity • Gold Awards at the Global Youth Marketing Forum for Best Creative – TV “ZiddKaroDuniyaBadlo”

  23. AWARDS • DivyaBhaskar – Print India Newspaper Printer of 2009 • DainikBhaskar;sRajastan entry is identified as Orrbit breaking innovation. • DivyaBhaskar won the “IRFA” Asia Pacific Award for Best in Print in quality and the consistency the newspaper has shown through a period of time. • DainikBhaskar got voted as the consumer super brand of 2009 • Marico India award for the best innovation 2007 – 2008. • Gold award for Best Launch in Punbaj at the Asian Publishing Mangament Awards • IFRA Asia’s Annual Media Awards 2004 for best in information graphics. It won the Gold award.

  24. DainikBhaskar , A success story • Direct and Aggressive Marketing • Whenever it enters a new market it uses direct marketing to establish leadership from day one. From 1996, DainikBhaskar started establishing themselves as a customer centric organisation. • Publishing the newspaper is entirely based on Audience Taste and Requirements. • Bridging the gap between the Entrepreneur and the customer. • Difference in the perception could be very subtle but it can change the way the brand is perceived. • Effective Pricing Policy • Flexibility is the key • The group has always been well planned but also open for a last minute changed. • Example: In Ahmedabad, the group was about to come up with two supplements for DivyaBhaskar because it is a city of 5 million readers .... • In Chandigarh , the newspaper planned a feature beased city supplement. However people preffered a news based supplement. • When the newspaper began its circulation in Haryana, it was still being published from Chandigarh but people from Haryana resented.

  25. Key Reasons for the success of DainikBhaskar and why it is No. 1 today? • Marketing Aggression • Localisation of News • Use of Local and English Languages • Good channel of distribution • Favourable rapport with ad agencies and advertisers • Creative innovations such as events marketing

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