can we make structural alterations to leasehold n.
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Making Structural Alterations To Leasehold Property PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Structural Alterations To Leasehold Property

Making Structural Alterations To Leasehold Property

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Making Structural Alterations To Leasehold Property

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  1. Can We Make Structural Alterations To Leasehold Property?

  2. In case you are in possession of a leasehold property, your ownership is subjected only for a certain period of time.  • The contract between you and the property owner is fixed at the time of leasing the property itself and one cannot have possession of the property for more than that period. • In most cases, the permission for alterations are not given to them by the actual owners. As it involves a risk of damaging the property or blending it in a way which the owners do not find quite feasible • Can it be not done under any circumstances? We shall discuss it.

  3. Ground rules that must be followed • What are the ground rules that must be followed if a leaseholder wants to make Structural alterations in a leasehold property? • Aleaseholder should be very clear regarding all the terms and conditions mentioned in the legal agreement, breaking which can drag them into legal troubles too! • Sometimes, the need for changing something on the property or in case of any damaged part, the need for Structural alterations become a necessity for the leaseholders. • The alterations in structure can be made but only after fulfilling certain criteria.

  4. What do the leaseholders get in return? • By no means, can the landlord retain the permission of the alteration when the work has started or the structural alterations have already started! • When the landlord gives consent for the alteration works, he cannot withhold it anymore. • In some cases, the leaseholders need to pay a handsome amount of fees to the landlords. • In situations like these, the leaseholders acquire more power to make the Alteration works go on without any obstruction.  • If still the landlords create any issue the leaseholders have all the right to seek legal action against them.

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