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INFLIBNET Centre: Technical Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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INFLIBNET Centre: Technical Overview

INFLIBNET Centre: Technical Overview

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INFLIBNET Centre: Technical Overview

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  1. INFLIBNET Centre: Technical Overview National Workshop on Content Creation for National Coordinators and Subject Coordinators e-PG Pathshala Dr JagdishArora Director, INFLIBNET Centre

  2. About e-Content Project

  3. National Coordinator (Technical)

  4. Technical Responsibility

  5. Content Collection from CW Production and Packaging Document Management

  6. The Most Effective e-Content can be one where the Knowledge of “Domain Expert”, is Married to the Multimedia Skills of “Web Designers” and “Instructional Designers”

  7. e-Content Development Process Web / Instructional Designer Domain Experts Static Content Story Board Static Content + e-Content ( Multimedia Enriched) Authors Reviewers INFLIBNET/ Web Development Team Hosting Server Phase I Phase II

  8. Content Collection • Designed input /output templates for the content • Guidelines for Content Writers • Collect content as per the templates

  9. Production and Packaging • Multimedia Enrichment of Static Content • Animation • Simulation • Graphics: Sketches, Line Drawings, Photographs, Graphs, Charts, Maps, etc. • Audio Narration of chunked material • Video Clips: As per the story board • Repurposing Static Content into SCORM compliant Module • Host in LMS interface

  10. Volume of Work

  11. Graphics for 43,120 Modules • Graphics for 43,120 Modules will have at least: • 43,120 animations • Double the number of other graphic objects • Audio Narrations for the Chunked Material • Interaction with Content Writers while preparing the content and its final approval

  12. It requires massive Technical Support from Core Technical Team and External Outfits / Jobbers • Physical Interaction between Domain Experts and Technical Team for Animations, Simulation, Graphics, Testing and Correction

  13. Graphics for 43,120 Modules . . . • How do we achieve this: • 4 Teams of Graphic Designers working simultaneously • Each Team Consisting of 4 well-trained Graphic Designers including a Supervisor for distribution of work, its management and guidance • Jobs will also be outsourced to external outfits as and when required • Subject Coordinators may also choose to enrich their content with multimedia on approved rates

  14. Sharable Content Object Reference Model • SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products • SCORM tells programmers how to write their code so that it can “play well” with other e-learning software. • It is the de facto industry standard for e-learning interoperability. • SCORM governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) communicate with each other.

  15. What it Means to You as Content Writer? Strictly Use Templates Made Available to You to Ensure SCORM Compliance

  16. Published in LMS interface Source file from the Content Writer (CR) Self Learn, e-Text, self assessment , Learn more based on CR input Sample output template from CR Adding animation and Voice over as per CR narration Authoring Tool & template

  17. Output Four Quadrant SCORM Compliant e-Content

  18. Chain Indexing Chain Indexing or chain procedure is a mechanical method to derive subject index entries or subject headings from the Class Number of the document. It was developed by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. The cataloguer to derive subject headings or class index entries from the digit by digit interpretation of the class number of the document in the reverse direction, to provide alphabetical approach to the subject of the document.

  19. Different kind of links • SL : A link in which a user is likely to approach a document. • USL : A link in which a user is not likely to approach a document. • FL : A link is a false link, if it ends with a connecting symbol or • relation device, etc. • ML : A link in a chain-with-gap, corresponding to the missing isolate • in the chain.

  20. Example: The document entitled ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare, having class number O111,2J64,M will generate the following chain. O   = Literature (SL) O1 = Indo European literature (USL) O11   = Teutonic literature (USL) O111    = English literature (SL) O111,  = (FL) O111,2 = English drama (SL) O111,2J64 = Shakespeare (SL) O111,2J64, = (FL) O111,2J64,M  = Macbeth (SL)

  21. Corresponding to these five sought links, the subject heading or class index entries will be generated by the chain O   = Literature (SL) O1 = Indo European literature (USL) O11   = Teutonic literature (USL) O111    = English literature (SL) O111,  = (FL) O111,2 = English drama (SL) O111,2J64 = Shakespeare (SL) O111,2J64, = (FL) O111,2J64,M = Macbeth (SL) Literature English literature English drama Shakespeare Macbeth

  22. Learning Management System

  23. e-PG Pathshala Management System

  24. Workshop / Training Programme

  25. National Workshop for National Coordinators and Subject Coordinators • Workshop for Paper Coordinators and Content Writers • Meetings among National / Subject / Paper Coordinators

  26. How to approach us: • E-mail:; • Chat:; • Phone: 079-079-26304695, Ext-38

  27. Financial Responsibility

  28. Disbursement of Payment to all Project Entities • Payment to all Coordinators as per guidelines • Payment for Workshop / Training • Hardware and Software Purchase • Manpower at INFLIBNET

  29. Thank You