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Inappropriate Email

Inappropriate Email

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Inappropriate Email

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  1. Inappropriate Email From: Sent: 15th July 2014 To: I’m so angry with you and your company! You are clearly a waste of space, and your staff are a bunch of idiots. How dare you call your company ‘Happy Holidays’? My holiday in Spain was rubbish. Everything went wrong from start to finish and it’s all your fault. If you don’t give me my money back I’m going to come round to your office with a baseball bat. A.N. Gry-Customer

  2. Appropriate Email From: Sent: 25th September 2008 To: Dear Sir or Madam I have just returned from a holiday in Spain which I booked via your company, ‘Happy Holidays’. Unfortunately, a number of problems occurred throughout the holiday which I wish to bring to your attention. Firstly, the apartment my family were staying in had been described in your brochure as ‘luxurious’. Imagine our horror, then, when we discovered that the apartment block was still being built. My family and I had no choice but to stay in a portacabin next to the unfinished apartments. Five of us were sharing one room, with no washing facilities, no electric lighting, and no pillows. In addition to this, the portacabin was infested with rats, which kept us awake by nibbling our fingers and toes and ate all our food. Do you really think that these conditions could be described as being ‘luxurious’? Secondly, we were very disappointed with the range of activities on offer. We had signed up in advance for jet-skiing, scuba diving and wind-surfing. However, we soon discovered that we were staying two hours’ drive from the sea, which made it very difficult for us to participate in these activities. Finally, your brochure had assured us that we would be staying in a ‘buzzing social centre, with plenty of night-life to suit all tastes’. We soon discovered that the local night-life actually consisted of two men playing the accordian outside a dingy bar. Your description was therefore deliberately misleading. We tried to bring these problems to the attention of your local rep while we were in Spain but she was rude, uncooperative and intimidating. I am sure you will agree that our experience with ‘Happy Holidays’ was totally unacceptable, and that a full refund is therefore the only appropriate course of action. I am fully confident that we can arrive at a satisfactory outcome, so that it will not be necessary for me to contact the British Association of Travel Operators about this matter. Yours faithfully, A.N. Gry-Customer