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Report on inappropriate structures PowerPoint Presentation
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Report on inappropriate structures

Report on inappropriate structures

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Report on inappropriate structures

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    1. Report on inappropriate structures

    2. Background A four strand strategy has been established for rolling-out ASIDI and eradicating backlogs as follows; address schools that need to be brought up to basic safety functionality levels (water, sanitation and electricity) by 2014;and replace all other entire inappropriate structures schools by 2014; replace all 395 entire mud schools that are situated in the Eastern Cape by 2014 upgrade schools to Optimum Functionality by providing specialist room e.g. libraries, laboratories, administration blocks.

    3. Inappropriate Structures Table 1 provides a breakdown of inappropriate structures as per the National Education Infrastructure Management System (NEIMS). The table indicates schools constructed from metal, mud, prefabs and wood per province Schools built from a prefabricated material have been included in this group of schools but have not been deemed to be in-appropriate as in some instances, this might refer to temporary structures provided as a result of storm damages and in some instances, overcrowding. A verification exersize will be done at planning stage to determine if the said structure can be deemed to be a danger to learners and educators.

    4. Inappropriate Structures

    5. Entire Inappropriate Structures

    6. Inappropriate structures The 395 inappropriate structures identified in the Eastern Cape have been prioritised in the ASIDI programme for eradication during the 2011-2014 period. An amount of R8.2b has been allocated for the eradication of mud, inappropriate structures and the provision of basic services Provinces will also reprioritize provincial budgets to address specialist rooms (libraries and laboratories) and replacement of other inappropriate structures during the same period;

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