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Team: ( Sinx )/x Robot: Schwartz Stuff PowerPoint Presentation
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Team: ( Sinx )/x Robot: Schwartz Stuff

Team: ( Sinx )/x Robot: Schwartz Stuff

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Team: ( Sinx )/x Robot: Schwartz Stuff

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  1. Team: (Sinx)/xRobot: Schwartz Stuff Team Members: Jonathan Moriarty Richard Saballos Dawn Schwartz EGN1935: ECE Adventures

  2. Table of contents • Group Members Biographies • Robot Story • Conclusions

  3. Jonathan Moriarty • 2nd Semester Freshman • Exploratory Engineering • Computer Eng./Hardware emphasis • I learned basic programming skills. • This course made me interested in taking more ECE classes in the future. • I want to try and join an ECE club and work on a few projects

  4. Jonathan Moriarty (Cont.) • In the future, I want to work for a company that builds bionic arms/legs. • Go to class and spend as much time as possible walking around campus. You never know what you’ll see or who you’ll meet.

  5. Richard Saballos • First Semester Freshman • Pre-Biomedical Engineering • Gained a appreciation for electrical engineer Learned about basic sensors and electronic equipment such as capacitors, resistors, LED's, etc. I also learned how they function.

  6. Richard Saballos (cont.) • It won't effect my future much but I strongly considering joining gator robotics. • Get involved with research. • Plan to get a Ph. D in my major and eventually gain a position at a University where I can conduct research. • Don't be afraid to try something new cause that is the only way to discover yourself.

  7. Dawn Schwartz • 2nd Semester Freshmen • Civil Engineering • I am also considering Computer Engineering and DAS • In this class I learned rudimentary skills in programing, and about circuits and robots • This class is one step in me deciding if I want to change my major from Civil to Computer Engineering

  8. Dawn Schwartz (Cont.) • At UF, I want to become an Honor Student on the Dean’s List, and Join clubs that will boost my interest in Engineering. • I want to pursue a career in either Civil or Computer Engineering, and earn a Master’s Degree in my prospective field. • Life is like a fencing bout, you will get hit, but you must be able to react to everything that comes at you in a positive light.

  9. Robot Story • Schwartz Stuff is an elf who is trying to get home. He has to make his way from Africa to the North Pole to make it home in time for a party in light of Christmas.

  10. Team Conclusions • With this project we learned new skills that we would have never learned in our majors. It allowed us to work together to solve problems, and create a working robot, that could navigate the maze. • Keep trying new things, even if they do not work out, get back up, and try other things.