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Test anxiety

Test anxiety. From the Achievement Center. TEST ANXIETY. Do you freeze during tests and flub questions when you know the answers?. Test Anxiety.

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Test anxiety

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  1. Test anxiety From the Achievement Center

  2. TEST ANXIETY • Do you freeze during tests and flub questions when you know the answers?

  3. Test Anxiety • A psychological condition in which a person experiences distress before, during, and after a test. This can cause poor performance or interferes with learning

  4. Symptoms • Nervousness Unable to concentrate • Fear Craving food • Nausea Confusion • Irritability Panic • Sense of hopelessness Mental Blocks • Boredom Fainting • Headaches Sweaty Palms

  5. Symptoms After the Test • Mock indifference “I was bored so I answered all multiple choice questions as ‘none of the above” • Guilt “Why didn’t I study more?” • Anger “The teacher did not want me to pass course anyway.” • Blame if the book was not so dull • Depression “After that test I do not see any point remaining in school.”

  6. TECHNIQUES FOR COPING WITH STRESS Yell “Stop!”- brings focus back to present Daydream- pleasant thoughts Visualize success- expectations Focus on a specific object Praise yourself in positive way Consider the worst-take fear to limit Zoom out-imagine you are floating away

  7. DEALING WITH PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY • Breathe- concentrate on air going in and out of lungs ( do this for 2-5 minutes ) • Scan your body-focus attention on relaxing muscles in body beginning with feet • Tense/relax- find a muscle that is tense, make it more tense then relax • Use guided imagery-take a quick fantasy trip

  8. DEALING WITH PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY • Describe it- if you are feeling nauseated or have a headache describe it • Be with it- as you describe anxiety in detail do not resist it • Exercise regularly on days you review for test • Get help if techniques do not work • If you become depressed, withdrawn, have thoughts of hopelessness seek a counselor

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