an insight into directors training program n.
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An insight into directors training program and its importance PowerPoint Presentation
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An insight into directors training program and its importance

An insight into directors training program and its importance

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An insight into directors training program and its importance

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  1. An insight into directors training program and its importance Directors of companies play a pivotal role in shaping the reputation of the organization. They are placed in one of the most influential positions within the organization. They can take important decisions about the way the company works, thus they may be required to attend training programs designed for them. Directors of firms and organizations are entrusted with important responsibilities of looking after the smooth running of an organization. The important decisions pertaining to the production process such as the choice of raw materials, number of people needed to be employed, time of work, standards or quality, time frame, etc. are usually taken by the directors. From the administrative point of view also they take many choices on behalf of the company. These choices have a lasting impact on the entire organization and people working under it. The final profit gained or loss suffered by the company is directly dependenton the decisions made by the directors as well. Moreover, directors may also have to look after the well being of the employees working for the organization. The market is constantly changing with regard to the organizations functioning within it and the strategies they use for profit maximization. Directors should be abreast with the latest developments in the market. They should develop strategies in accordance with them to ensure good results for their own firm. Hence, directors are often advised to attend directors training program to enhance their knowledge in their field of work. Following are some of the ways in which director training programs can help to improve the business: •Upgrading knowledge – Directors are people who are in an important position within any company or organization. They are not likely to change very often or at the drop of a hat. However, a director’s knowledge may become obsolete if he/she does not keep up with the changing patterns of the market. The director training programs help directors to keep up with the changes in customers’ requirements and make necessary updates to their production processes accordingly. If the customer’s changing needs are not met, the company may lose its reputation in the

  2. market and suffer a loss. Thus, it is very important for directors to keep upgrading their knowledge. •Competitive strategies – In a market where there is cut-throat competition, it becomes increasingly important for companies to know how to strategize in a manner that could bring profit to the company. It has always been a norm to keep knowledge about the approach and strategies of competitors in the market. Such an insight helps to improve one’s own quality of work. It does not include copying another company’s strategies but drawing inspiration from them and framing policies for one’s own organization. A director training program may also have a strategy workshop included within itself. This approach strives for a holistic training of the directors to be able to come up with profit-making strategies in the long run. •Employee satisfaction – An organization is made up of employees who work in complete coordination under a director who is able to lead them in the correct manner. These director training programs help to provide and improve the director’s skills in dealing with the employees in a better way. Happy employees would naturally provide better outcomes. Get in touch – Seven Pancras Square, 7 King’s Boulevard, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG, United Kingdom Mail - Phone No. +44 2085600312 Website: