los superlativos n.
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Los Superlativos PowerPoint Presentation
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Los Superlativos

Los Superlativos

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Los Superlativos

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  1. Los Superlativos

  2. When you make comparisons, you say that one item has MORE or LESS of a certain quality than another item has. • Más adjective que… More something than • Menos adjective que…Less something than

  3. Más adjective que… More something than Mi gato es más bonito que tu gato. • Menos adjective que…Less something than Mi perro es más rapido que tu perro.

  4. MOST When you want to say that something has the MOST of LEAST of a certain quality, you use a superlative.

  5. Your adjective comes after the superlative, and still needs to agree with whoever and whatever you are talking about in gender and number: • Luis es el más alto. Luis is the tallest. (literally, Luis is the most tall) • Carmen es la más pequeña. Carmen is the smallest. (Carmen is the most small) • Mercedes es la menos cansada. Mercedes is the least tired.

  6. Geraldo es el menos guapo del grupo = Geraldo is the less handsome of the group. To use a noun with the superlative form, put it AFTER the definite article (el, la). Luis es el chico más alto = Luis is the tallest boy. (Luis is the boy most tall) How would you say…? Pedro is the shortest boy. (boy most short) Pedro es el chico más bajo.

  7. Mercedes es la chica más inteligente = Mercedes is the smartest girl. • Oscar prepara las comidas más ricas = Oscar prepares the most delicious foods (the foods most delicious) • Geraldo es el chico menos guapo del grupo = Geraldo is the less handsome boy of the group.

  8. When you are referring to a more abstract idea or concept, use the neuter article “lo.” Lo más importante es que no está lloviendo = The most important (thing) is that it’s not raining. The most interesting thing is…

  9. 1. Gustavo is the most hardworking student in the class. (the student most hardworking) _______________________________________________ 2. Lalo is the most boring. ______________________________________________ 3. Zacarías is the most intelligent. __________________________________________________ 4. Salsalita is the tallest girl in the school. (the girl most tall) ______________________________________________________ 5. Juice is the most delicious drink on the menu (drink most delicious). _____________________________________________