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All About Me

All About Me

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All About Me

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  1. All About Me By: Natasha Fonseca

  2. Me • My Birthday is March 7th 1999. • I am 14 years old, older than some of you. • On my 12th Birthday I had a bounce house. It was fun.

  3. School • I am in 8th grade at Rehobeth Middle School. So are you. • I make all A’s and one stubborn B in Math • My favorite class is 5th period Science. • I mainly love it because of lunch, but people in that class are fun. It is also kinda and easy class. • I actually like school, not really for the school but for my friends. But at least I’m getting smarter.

  4. Family • I have Four brothers. Three of the are step-brothers. Johnny Fonseca is my older blood brother. Allen Smith and Kevin Smith are my older step brothers. Preston Smith is my younger step brother. I am the only girl. • My mom doesn’t have an job. She stays at home and cooks and cleans. • My dad is in Connecticut. He doesn’t know me to well. • My step dad is a Truck Driver for T&L Transport, I don’t know much to say about him.

  5. Pets • I have two dogs. • Mikey is a black beagle and lab mix. One of his ears stick up and the other one stays down. He is stupid. • Jake is a mini winnie dog. He is tan and loves anything shiny. He is also stupid.

  6. Puerto Rico • I am Puerto Rican. Don’t get the flag mixed with the Cuban one. The red and blue are swapped around. • I know how to cook some Puerto Rican foods and they are so good. Trust me. I know.

  7. music I love music. My favorite band is One Direction. My favorite member of One Direction is Harry Styles. I also like other music like country and a little bit of rock. Everyday when I come home from school I turn the radio on.

  8. Favorites • Favorite Color: Green • Favorite Flower: Iris • Favorite Animal: Dog • Favorite Movie: Mama • Favorite Song: When I was your man By: Bruno Mars • Favorite Candy: Butterfinger • Favorite Food: Tacos • Favorite Place: Miami, Florida

  9. Favorites (continued) • Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew • Favorite Energy Drink: Monster • Favorite Thing to do on Weekends: Hang out with friends • Favorite Vacation: When I went to the Bahamas • Favorite Holiday: St. Patrick's Day (everyone wears my favorite color.)

  10. Favorites (Continued) • Favorite Tv Show: Ridiculousness • Favorite Season: Summer • Favorite Video Game: Black Opps 2

  11. Sports • I like to play Softball and Volleyball. I also like to play Football in my backyard. • My Softball team name is the Misfits. Our colors are sapphire and orange. Weird. I know. • I also like to run a lot. • I go for Auburn because even thought they don’t win a lot they still have pride.

  12. Friends • My closest friends is Lora Elizabeth Myers. She’s weird but so am I. We never fight, like ever. • My other close friends include: Ashley Stevenson, Morgan Hunt, Morgan Pouncey, Coltyn Volkman, Manuel Soto, etc. SORRY if I didn’t include you, I couldn’t type all of them. • This picture is me and Scena’s Wanted Picture. We look like we just got caught.

  13. Third Period Class Mates • Hunter Adams, Scena Allen, Tristan Allman, Damian Appling, Josh Beitz, Alan Blair, Taylor Bodiford, Brittany Broxton, Tyler Burbank, Dillon Cain, Hannah Coleman, Christian Cureton, Sarah Gardino, Marilane Granberry, Kaleigh Hatcher, Jessica Metcalf, Austin Floyd, Kassie Perry, Jeremy Powers, Sarah Sanders, Austin Scott, Jonathan Shealey, Manuel Soto, Taylor St. Germain, Amy Katherine Strange, Zephan Vickory, Ashley White, Jillian Whitehead. • Sorry if I spelled your name wrong.

  14. Hobbies • Sometimes I like to read. Mostly when I’m bored. • I also am writing a story. Its on a website called Wattpad. There is also a lot of other stories there if you want to read one. • I like to sing but don’t ask me to. Shyness.

  15. Later in life • When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. I love animals. • I also want to live in England so my kids will have a British accent. • I want to have two kids. A boy and a girl. I want the girls name to be Nekoda, her nickname could be Kodi. The boy would either be a Jr. or Kyle. • I want to go to Auburn University or one in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.