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All About Me PowerPoint Presentation
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All About Me

All About Me

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All About Me

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  1. All About Me

  2. Baby Me • Hospital? • Dadda • Walked at 9 months • 2nd Child • December 17, 1994 • 9.1 ounces • 21 inches • Time?

  3. My Family Mom’s side dad’s side

  4. Homecoming My Friends Cammie Carley Kathleen Monique Tori Briana Peyton Brooke Alexis Emily

  5. Sports I’ve always played sports and loved them. I’ve played soccer and basketball, and I’ve run cross country and track.

  6. My Music My First Kiss Carry Out The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows Such Great Heights

  7. This show is AMAZING! My tv shows My absolute all-time favorite!!

  8. Josie, Jessie, and Me Kimp and Smack the dealer Them darn 45 minute periods!!

  9. My Favorite Books The Hunger Games The Forgotten Beasts of Eld Wicked InkHeart 13 Reasons Why The Host Breaking Dawn Demon in My View Wicked Lovely Before I Die In the Forests of the Night The Key to the Golden Firebird The Pretty One Eldest 13 Little Blue Envelopes City of Bones The Song of the Lioness Cheating at Solitaire Love on the Lifts I’d Tell You I Love You, but Then I’d Have to Kill You

  10. My Puppies These are my adorable puppies Nikki and Chester. They are rotten ornery and ridiculously lazy but I love them anyway!

  11. My Future I’ve always wanted to live in a castle! Travel the World I don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted to live in Alaska. Book Editor This car is gorgeous!!

  12. Chicken Jokes Why did the gum cross the road? Because it was stuck to the chickens foot! What crosses the road but never touches it? A chicken on a tightrope! Why did the chicken buy a moped? Because it was tired of walking across the road! What do you call a group of chickens with their heads cut off? Bumper chickens! What do you call a chicken that got hit by a car? Grilled chicken! What do you call a chicken in the trashcan? Leftovers! What do you call a chicken in the oven? One hot chick! Why did the chicken go to the store? To get noodles!!