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The real cost of paper

The real cost of paper. Sustainable Engineering Solutions. Teresa Koper. By Cecilia Guerra May 16 th , 2103. Where does the paper come from?. The trees used to make paper in the U.S come mostly from softwood

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The real cost of paper

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  1. The real cost of paper Sustainable Engineering Solutions Teresa Koper By Cecilia Guerra May 16th, 2103

  2. Where does the paper come from? • The trees used to make paper in the U.S come mostly from softwood • More than 2.3 billion tree seedlings are planted in the U.S/year to make paper • Papyrus, which is the root of our English word paper • Thefirst paper merchant in America Benjamin Franklin, 18 paper mills in Virginia and around

  3. Paper process Forest operation Pulp mill Paper mill Printing business Final consumers

  4. Types of paper • Some materials • Soft woods fibers • Hard woods fibers • Tree pulp • Water • Blench • Clay • Chemicals • Inks Wood fibers Carton paper Virgin paper Recycled paper

  5. Technology Vs. Paper Has technology decreased the use of paper? Yes,…. not wrong • Digital books • Business agenda • Publicity apps • Able to read the news • Emails • To Sign • News paper • Magazines • To print out • Publicity • Notebooks

  6. Some Paper uses! Magazines Posters Books Letter paper News paper

  7. Clean production • The production of paper creates negatively effect at • air • water • earth and climate • Substances include air emissions and pollutants such as: • mercury • greenhouse gas emissions • water effluent and ashes

  8. Sites where paper is used more! • Companies (Signature) U.S. companies print 1.5 trillion pages/year= a stack of paper 95,000 mile-high, or equivalent of nearly 20 million trees • College An average of 250 pounds each student/year Copies Handouts

  9. Paper consumption

  10. Environmental Impact • World consumption of paper grew 400% in the last 40 years • The world consumes about 300 million tons of paper/year • 35% of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries Let’s reduce the use of paper in order to reduce the use of soil

  11. Solutions

  12. References • http://www.ecology.com/2011/09/10/paper-chase/ (Ecology) • http://www.signinghub.com/datasheets/The_Real_Cost_of_Paper_based_Signatures.pdf (Paper consuption) • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjOEh8vNxIc (video)

  13. Thank You for your attention! The goal is to reduce depletion of nonrenewable raw materials and use sustainable alternatives.

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