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Dunbar Primary School Presentation to Parents PowerPoint Presentation
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Dunbar Primary School Presentation to Parents

Dunbar Primary School Presentation to Parents

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Dunbar Primary School Presentation to Parents

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  1. Dunbar Primary SchoolPresentation to Parents Our Journey to Excellence

  2. Our focus every year….. The commitment to raise attainment and pupils’ life chances, to provide our pupils with an exciting, fun and challenging school curriculum that develops them to their full potential.

  3. The Aims of Tonight • ‘DPS – Improving, moving to excellence’ – where we are now and where we are going next! • Share new School Improvement Plan • ‘Together We Count’ - Dunbar Cluster programme- part of our numeracy initiative • Meet class teacher and find out about the year ahead

  4. Where have we come from? 2009 HMIe report:

  5. Our successes.. • Dunbar Reads Together – successful school/community partnership • High pupil involvement in planning & evaluation • 91% reduction in no. of pupils excluded – since 2008/09 • Accelerated Reader – impact on pupils • Single Word Spelling Results • Development of tracking programme in supporting improvement in attainment and achievement • PIPS results – improving (see later slides) • £10k+ raised for charity over past 3 years H Gillanders. Dunbar Primary School

  6. Our successes.. • Winners of EL Cross Country Championships – twice! • Winners or Runners up in Meadowbank since 2009 • Sporting success in hockey, swimming, Sportshall Athletics • New behaviour policy • P5 Scots Nativity – 1200+ worldwide hits! • Space Night • Bookworm bags in nursery • Development of self and peer assessment focusing on development of pupils identifying ‘next steps’ - “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” Dewey • School Run – P4-P7 – over 130 pupils H Gillanders. Dunbar Primary School

  7. Running: it’s child’s play Runners World Researchers found that children who regularly competed in sporting activities were better at time-management, as well as more motivated to learn. It builds on research showing that aerobic exercise helps preserve brain volume, improving memory, focus and attention span. Please help us by encouraging your child to bring in their kit and participate in PE !

  8. Our successes.. • Winners of Big pedal Regional Champions + 6th across the UK • Excellent Care Inspectorate Report in Nursery May 2013 • Parent body - Winners of ‘Parents as Partners in Education’ – Scottish Education Awards 2013 • Mentor groups, reading buddies, S6 volunteers, parental volunteers….and many more • Cursive Writing School – leading within the council and beyond • Highly motivated, innovative and positive staff team willing ‘to go the extra mile’ on behalf of the school and its pupils • Successful move to becoming two campuses but being identified as one school H Gillanders. Dunbar Primary School

  9. School Improvement Priorities for session 2012/2013 – results and evidence • Improving the attainment and achievement of our pupils in reading • Development of assessment and moderation programme • Development of Dunbar Primary School as a ‘Rights Respecting School’ • Extend the integration and inclusion of Cove pupils into their mainstream classes and into the wider life of the school.

  10. Impact of last session’s SIP • Rise in reading attainment – PIPS/AR • Pupil engagement up and motivation levels significantly higher • Pupils engaging more with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) linked to Blooms Taxonomy • Development of individual pupil data spreadsheet – tracking progress in spelling, reading, PIPS and Curriculum for Excellence levels

  11. DPS Tracking System Example Example From DPS Literacy Tracker We also have Numeracy Tracker

  12. Impact of last session’s SIP • In maths evidence indicates we are making ‘good’ but not ‘very good’ progress • Consistency in the teaching of science • Rights, Responsibilities and Respect are tied into all aspects of school - Our pupils are seen as caring, polite, well-behaved and engaged and motivated by school. • Our pupils from The Cove are joining in class and year group activities.

  13. Whole School PIPS Reading Attainment

  14. P7 Reading Attainment

  15. P1 – reading 2012/13

  16. 2013/14 School Improvement Plan • Raise attainment and achievement in numeracy & mathematics over the next 3 years reflected in improved PIPS scores and pupil feedback • Ensure consistency and continuity in teaching and learning – a priority especially as we are a large school and are now split across two campuses • Provide pupils with 2 hours of quality PE each week • Continue to engage everyone in an ethos of respect within our school community, using UNICEF ‘Rights Respecting School’ – achieve Level 1 award

  17. Other work this year… • P7 – World of Work • Fairtrade School Status • Cursive School • Continue to focus on reading • Initial research on Co-operative Learning • Playground upgrade • ‘We All Count Together’

  18. Whole School Maths & Numeracy PIPS

  19. Numeracy & Maths – P1

  20. P7 Maths

  21. Doing homework regularly throughout their time at school has roughly the same benefit as an extra year’s schooling.

  22. The Scottish Government’s Skills for Scotland: a lifelong skills strategy highlights the 10 ‘softer’ employability skills. These are: • managing time • planning and organising • undertaking tasks at short notice • solving problems • communicating • working with others • thinking critically and creatively • learning and continuing to learn • taking responsibility for own development • managing and being managed by others.

  23. Expectations • Focus on numeracy and literacy • Pupils attainment and achievement is priority • Focus on excellent teaching and learning in the classroom • Making our school an exciting and enjoyable place to work • Still and major focus on Respect, Rights and Responsibility • Continuing to develop our excellent partnership work with parents