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Recruit and Retain PowerPoint Presentation
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Recruit and Retain

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Recruit and Retain
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Recruit and Retain

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  1. Recruit and Retain Enniskillen 6 May 2014 Neil R Galbraith

  2. Why the Recruit and Retain Project is Important “Without data you are just another person with an opinion” W. Edwards Demming Improvement Org.

  3. Why the Recruit and Retain Project will make a Difference “ What policy-makers actually need is information on the relative impact and cost-effectiveness of different packages of human resource interventions in a variety of contexts. Rigorous evaluation methods to answer such questions are currently not available” World Health Organisation Bulletin 2010

  4. Scotland 2020 Vision and Route Map Three Key Challenges for Health in Scotland: 1) Scotland’s public health record esp. Health Inequalities. 2) Changing Demography & shifting patterns of Disease. 3) Economic Environment.

  5. Scottish Data POPULATION2014-2024-The proportion of over 75s in Scotland’s population– will increase by over 25%. POPULATION-By 2033 the number of people over 75 is likely to have increased by almost 60%. DISEASE 2014-2034 -The number of people with dementia is set to rise from 71,000 to 127,000 COST2014-2034 -demography alone could increase expenditure on health and social care by over 70%.

  6. Data: The Remote and Rural Health Problems in Scotland 1 Higher Suicide rates. 2 Higher Incidence of Alcohol-Related Diseases. 3 Higher number of Accidents. 4 Higher Palliative Care demands. 5 Higher Aged population. 6 Lower Working population.

  7. Workforce- Why we need high quality workers in the Public Service 1 Maintenance of Rural Areas. 2 National Standards. 3 Financial Efficiency. 4 Range of Challenges. 5 Access to Services. 6 Vision. 7 Innovation.

  8. How we create a high quality workforce Recruitment : Front Door. Retention : Back Door. Where does the effort go? Where should the effort go?

  9. Attraction/Disincentive-Location Stornoway, Western Isles - “Beautiful but it is like living on an Oil Platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean”

  10. Attraction/Disincentive- Social Expectations “Very scenic, but where are all the people?”

  11. Attraction/Disincentive- Spatial Freedom “Plenty of space but its not exactly easy to get about, unless you are a sheep”

  12. Attraction/Disincentive- Transport Barra, Western Isles -“What do you mean I can fly to work but I have to land on the beach???”

  13. Attraction/Disincentive Leisure “Is there anything else to do apart from Fishing, Swimming and Diving?”

  14. Attraction/Disincentive: Technology “How far behind are you in applying technology?”

  15. 1 Exciting Work and Challenge. 2 Career Growth, Learning and Development. 3 Working with People. 4 Fair Pay. 6 Being recognised, valued and respected. 8 Making a Difference. Source “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em-Getting Good People to Stay - Kaye and Jordan-Evans Recruiting and Keeping Staff – How about asking them?

  16. How to Lose Staff View people as a resource- valuable but expendable. Do not bother training managers in people-management. Dilute accountability for actions. Do not conduct staff surveys. Do not share success. Promote a culture of fear as motivation.

  17. Business Forum Records of the reasons for the shortest time of staying in a job, in order. 1 A Scary Boss 2 Thrown in at the Deep End 3 Pressure 4 Boredom 5 Need for Change 6 Upsetting Work Source UNUM-” Everyone needs a back-up plan”

  18. Retention: Real Cost of Losing Staff Cost of Hiring New Person. Cost of Induction and Training. Productivity Dip. Loss of Engagement and Tribal Knowledge. Service Errors. Basic Direct Costs c.£35,000 Other Indirect Costs c.£80,000

  19. Key Feature:Getting the Message Clear The Job Description “It was not a lie, it was an ineptitude with insufficient cover” (TV Programme Madmen)

  20. Scotland 2020 Vision and Route Map Three Key Challenges for Health in Scotland: 1) Scotland’s public health record esp. Health Inequalities. 2) Changing Demography & shifting patterns of Disease. 3) Economic Environment.

  21. Scottish National Health Driver 1 QUALITY STRATEGY “Measurement is an important tool for driving large-scale improvement”. QMF: QOMs, HEAT Targets & Local Measures

  22. Scottish National Health Driver 2 HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE INTEGRATION BILL “acknowledges that joint commissioning strategies and delivery plans will require...effective information systems”. HEAT TARGETS DELIVERY HEALTH INEQUALITIES TASKFORCE REPORT

  23. Scottish National Health Driver 3 NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND INFORMATION FRAMEWORK “the aim of having information and intelligence that drives the delivery of high quality health and social care outcomes for the citizens of Scotland.

  24. Scottish National Health Driver 4 STRATEGIC AIM: eHealth National eHealth strategy 2011-2017 : “developing a strategy for real time and near real time performance data”. “Availability of real time/near real-time information for service improvement and service integration”.

  25. Conclusion “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision” The Dalai Lama