900 reference analysis encyclopedia of space exploration n.
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900 Reference Analysis Encyclopedia of Space Exploration PowerPoint Presentation
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900 Reference Analysis Encyclopedia of Space Exploration

900 Reference Analysis Encyclopedia of Space Exploration

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900 Reference Analysis Encyclopedia of Space Exploration

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  1. 900 Reference Analysis Encyclopedia of Space Exploration By: Alex Barger LIBR 150

  2. Bibliography • Angelo, Joseph A. Encyclopedia of Space Exploration. Facts On File, New York. 2000. • Dewey Call Number: R919.904

  3. Availability • Here are some KCLS libraries that have this title in their reference collection: • Kent Reference   • North Bend Reference   • Redmond Reference • Shoreline Reference   • Woodinville Reference

  4. Arrangement • These are the contents of the book: • Acknowledgements • Introduction • Author’s note • Entries A-Z • Appendix A: Special reference list • Appendix B: Exploring Cyber-space • Index

  5. Indexing • The definitions in the book are arranged in alphabetical order • The same thing is true of the index in the back of the book with the corresponding page number next to it

  6. Scope • In this reference book, you can find information about things having to do with space exploration • You can even look up “alien” and find a “space” definition for our extraterrestrial friends! • It talks about anything from the inventions of Galileo to the launch of Spudnik

  7. Currency • This reference was published in 2000, so it is fairly current. • It is nine years old • This might not be the reference source you would want to use if you are looking for any changes to space exploration in the last nine years, however I don’t know how much space exploration has changed since the time this book was published

  8. Intended Purpose • One of the intended purposes of this book is that it “examines how space exploration (past, present, and future) is helping us answer such truly important questions as: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Are we alone?”

  9. Additional Purposes Served • This reference has many additional purposes it could serve • It might be useful to someone writing a science fiction story. They could look up concepts that they could use in their writing • This reference book could also be helpful to someone in an art class who wants to paint a picture of a space station. They could photographs used in this book

  10. Physical Format(s) • The format I used for this reference analysis was a hardback version • It was slight thick and heavy • 305 pages

  11. Special Features • According to the back of this reference book, there are “more than 100 back-and-white photographs . . .” • There are also two appendixes • Appendix A: Special reference list • Appendix B: Exploring Cyber-space

  12. Author Credentials • The author has good credentials for writing a reference book about space exploration • He received a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of Arizona • He is a professor in the College of Engineering at Florida Tech • He is also the author of many books that are space-related, for example • The Dictionary of Space Technology • The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia

  13. Personal Impression • I thought that this reference book was interesting. I have always found space very interesting. The pictures in the book were very nice, good quality. The definitions were also not too complicated. I could read a selection from the book and not go “Uh? What did that mean?” after reading it.

  14. Examples Typifying Reference Uses • I am looking for a good-quality picture of a meteorite.

  15. Complimentary Sources • Angelo, Joseph A. The Dictionary of Space Technology. Facts on File, New York. 1999. • Dewey Call Number: R629.403 • Angelo, Joseph A. Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy. Facts on File, New York. 2006. • Dewey Call Number: R520.3