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Introducing “PermaFrost”

Introducing “PermaFrost”. Presented by Ir. K.M. Wong. What is “PermaFrost”. A super thermal-conductive additive used to improve the efficiency of chillers and refrigeration equipment Developed and manufactured in U.S.A. (4 patents between 1990s and 2002).

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Introducing “PermaFrost”

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  1. Introducing “PermaFrost” Presented by Ir. K.M. Wong

  2. What is “PermaFrost” • A super thermal-conductive additive used to improve the efficiency of chillers and refrigeration equipment • Developed and manufactured in U.S.A.(4 patents between 1990s and 2002)

  3. How it works (1)Lubricating oil contaminated the evaporator & condenser!

  4. Reduced heat transfer Tubing Wall Stagnant Oil Excessive Laminar friction Tubing Wall Energy loss Before PermaFrost Stagnant Oil This barrier reduces the heat transfer inside the refrigerant circuit and increases the energy consumption (kWh).

  5. Accelerated Heat Transfer PermaFrost Thermo-conductive molecules Reduced laminar friction Stagnant oil dispersal Refrigerant contacts metal After PermaFrost (1) PermaFrost molecules are attracted to the inner metal tubing. The thermo-conductivity rate is ACCELERATED and laminar friction is virtually eliminated.

  6. Accelerated Thermo Conductivity. Stagnant Oil cleared Efficient turbulent flow PermaFrost Thermo-conductive molecules Faster Heat Dispersal After PermaFrost (2) Refrigerant Oil barrier is completely and permanently removed

  7. After Applying PermaFrost • The insulative oil barrier is completely and permanently removed. • The inner metal surface is bound by thermo-conductive PermaFrost molecules. • Heat transfer between the refrigerant and chilled water / air will speed up. • The compressor will run a shorter time in producing the same cooling capacity.

  8. Advantages of “PermaFrost” • Saves over 10% in electricity consumed by chillers Reduce Energy !! Save Money !! Increase Profits !!

  9. Advantages of “PermaFrost” • Easy to install • just manually pump into the existing lub oil • Zero down time • No mechanical modification • Extends equipment (compressors) life

  10. Screw Compressor Centrifugal Compressor Scroll Compressor Reciprocating Compressor Suitable Application PermaFrost may be used in most air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with the exception of absorption chillers. Systems where PermaFrost can be used are as follows: And many other refrigeration systems…

  11. Compatibility • Seal Compatibility: Neoprene, Nitrite, Viton, PFE, Buna, Nylon, Mylar, Polypropylene and all prevalent types of seals used in the HVAC industry. • Metal Compatibility: Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Silver, Copper Alloys and Zinc. • Refrigerant Compatibility: Group 1, 2, 3 Ammonia, Propane and all prevalent refrigerants. • Oil Compatibility: Mineral, Synthetic, POE, Alpha Olefins and special blends.

  12. Our Reference Clients

  13. Performance Evaluation • The efficiency of a chiller is defined by the coefficient of performance (COP)

  14. Refrigeration Cycle

  15. P – H Diagram Cooling Capacity = COP X Power Input ( V X I )

  16. Tapping to take Suction Temperature and Pressure Readings

  17. Collected Data Sent to an Analyzer

  18. Data sent from the Analyzer to the Recorder

  19. Data recorded in every minute

  20. ExampleSavings Due to PermaFrost for a 100 Ton Chiller Cooling Capacity = 100 Ton = 352 KW (a) COP = 2.8 (b) Power Input = (a) / (b) = 126KW at full load Diversity = 0.7 Hours of Operation Per Day = 16 hours Yearly Electricity Consumption = 126 KW X 16 hours X 0.7 X 365 days X $1.26 / KWH = ~ HK$650,000 • For a savings of 10% after treatment of “PermaFrost” Total Amount of Savings ~ HK$65,000 per year

  21. END THANK YOU Ir. K.M. Wong Power Control Limited Address: 28/F., Soundwill Plaza, 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 2555-6868 Mobile: 6770-6062 Email: kmwong@power-con.com

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