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Etiwanda Home School Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Etiwanda Home School Program

Etiwanda Home School Program

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Etiwanda Home School Program

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  1. Etiwanda Home School Program 2011-2012

  2. Home School Program Team Members • Teachers • Michele Jacks: K-5 • Maureen Jacks: 6-8 • Katie Nelson: K-8 • Clerk • Kim Austin • (909) 803-3319

  3. Sylvia Kordich Assistant Superintendent of Instruction/Pupil Services Cathy Thomas Administrative Assistant Amber Claflin Library Media Services Teacher Deborah Burke Library Clerk Home School ProgramTeam Members

  4. Alternative Setting, not “Alternative Education” • Same high quality Etiwanda education in an alternative setting • The educational objectives for each subject are the same as those of the Etiwanda School District • Home School Program is accredited

  5. Common Reasons Families Choose to Home School • To provide a safe environment at home • Religious beliefs • To provide a small group/one-on-one instructional setting • Flexible schedule to meet the student’s needs • Competitive sports/athletics • To pursue acting opportunities in Hollywood (we have several child actors) • Health reasons

  6. Etiwanda’s Independent Study Program • Our program began with 7 home school students in August, 2005 • Current program: • 90 home school students

  7. Independent Study Program • Home School students receive 45 minutes per week of teacher consultation with their family member (many other programs require only 1 hour per month) • Inter-district transfers are permitted We have received phone calls from administrators from surrounding districts that do not have a home school program who are recommending our program to their students.

  8. Subjects • Language Arts • Independent Reading Requirement • Math • Social Studies • Science • P.E. • Technology

  9. Each home school family will receive: • Supervision by a credentialed teacher • Lesson Plans for each subject • (Many other programs require the family to write the lesson plans) • Textbooks for all subjects • Teacher’s editions and student texts • Reasonable access to existing school services and resources • Counseling services • Speech (SLP) services

  10. Etiwanda School District Home School Assignment Log: Grade: 8th Student Name______________________ Parent Verification: __________________ Week of: 9/12/11-9/16/11 Date Assigned: ______________________ Due Date: _______________________ Date Completed: _______ For Office use only: Teacher: Mrs. Jacks Teacher Verification:____________ Date Evaluated:___________ Days of Attendance Credit:__________

  11. Blended Program • Students may participate in our blended program at Summit Intermediate • Offered to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students • No more than two subjects may be taken at Summit • All subjects are available

  12. Technology • Home school students will complete the technology and writing portfolio activities required of Etiwanda students • The Accelerated Reader Program is available Science • Science Fair Projects • The Etiwanda Family Life curriculum is part of the home school program.

  13. • Families have access to the United Streaming Video website sponsored by the Discovery Channel • Digital videos enhance understanding of core academic standards • Some families are learning a foreign language from Brain Pop • Families have access to the curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement

  14. Field Trips • 6th grade: Three day science camp • 7th grade: Renaissance Faire • 8th grade: Disneyland field trip to celebrate promotion • Families may take their children on their own field trips that enhance understanding of grade level academic standards, such as museums, art galleries, and missions

  15. Extra-curricular activities • Home school students may participate in band, chorus, drama, sports programs, cheer, tall flags, drill team, school leadership, Academic Decathlon, Destination Imagination teams, etc. • Home school students may attend school dances • Parents must provide transportation to and from the school

  16. 8th grade promotion ceremonies • Participate at ceremony held at the school of residence (within the Etiwanda School District) • Participate in Summit’s ceremony as part of the “home school” class • Participate in a private ceremony in the home school classroom

  17. To begin enrollment into the Etiwanda Home School… • District contracts must be filled out • Inter District contracts are for families who live outside the district. You will complete this form at your Resident District Office • Intra District transfers are for families who live within the Etiwanda School District • You will need to complete this form at the Etiwanda District Office.

  18. Home School Contract • Parents agree to keep all scheduled appointments • Students submit completed assignments to the teacher for evaluation and credit • Failure to keep scheduled appointments and/or complete given assignments may cause the student to be dropped from the program • Trimester to trimester contract

  19. Home School Contract • The parent has the primary responsibility for teaching the curriculum to his/her child • Parents should have the ability to comprehend Teacher’s Editions at the appropriate grade level • The student should have the ability to work independently at grade level • An adult will be home during the day with the student

  20. Weekly Appointment with parent and student • Discuss previous week’s lessons • Clarify areas of difficulty • Preview coming week’s lessons

  21. Evaluation of Student Progress • Formal Methods • State Testing: Each grade level is tested separately • District Assessments • Informal Methods • Daily assignments which are turned in weekly • Chapter tests • Oral presentations • Verbal questions and answers • Written reports/essays • Projects • Reading Aloud

  22. Pass/Fail System • Report cards indicate either “P” for “Pass” or “F” for “Fail” • Report cards contain comments from the teacher

  23. Ideas for Next Year • Mentor families • Family Directory • Social get togethers • Study groups among the families

  24. “Being a new program, I was unsure as to what the curriculum would be and how the program would fit with my expectations. My daughter has always been home schooled and we have used a variety of programs, from developing our own curriculum to enrollment in other charter programs. This home school program is, by, far the best in terms of curriculum and organization.” Terry Edwards Etiwanda Home School Parent

  25. “Holding a Doctorate in Education, we reason that we have identified a learning program much more suitable to the unique educational requirements of our child.” Dr. and Mrs. Ogden Forbes Home School Parents