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Fraction Storyboard The Quiz PowerPoint Presentation
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Fraction Storyboard The Quiz

Fraction Storyboard The Quiz

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Fraction Storyboard The Quiz

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  1. Fraction StoryboardThe Quiz Leilani Sta. Cruz Purdue University

  2. THE QUIZ Narration: None /Title Slide Shot description: Picture of Pie Graph Audio: Music

  3. Narration: (Abbreviated) While Mrs. Johnson was explaining to the class how to add fractions with like and unlike denominators, Diane was not paying attention and busy talking to her classmates. Shot Description: Picture of teacher transition to picture of students talking Audio: Music

  4. Narration: Right before the bell rang, Mrs. Johnson announced that she will be giving a quiz on the lesson tomorrow morning. Shot Description: Picture of chalkboard transition to bell ringing. Audio: Bell ringing ,music

  5. Narration: After school, instead of studying Diane played at the park with her friends. That night she watched TV with her family. She did not study for the quiz. Shot Description: Picture of children playing transition to family watching TV. Audio : Music

  6. Narration: Diane went to bed and she had a dream. Shot Description: Zoom in on picture of girl sleeping. Audio: Music

  7. Narration It was her birthday and she was having a party !!. Shot Description: picture depicting a birthday party Audio: Music

  8. Narration: Diane waited excitedly for her friends and then there was a knock at the door Shot Description: Picture of excited girl transition to the picture of the door. Audio: (knocking) .

  9. Narration: She ran to the door and look who showed up! Diane was really surprised and did not know what to think. The fractions eagerly went inside to start the party. Shot description: Zoom in on fraction characters. Audio: Music

  10. Narration: The party was underway and all the fractions were having a great time. They were snacking and dancing and having tons of fun. Shot description: Fraction characters dancing Audio: Music

  11. Narration: The fractions were having way too much fun at her party. Diane missed her friends and wanted them to come to the party, but they will not come while the fractions are there. Diane wanted the fractions to leave. Shot description: Fraction characters continuing to enjoy the party. Audio: Music

  12. Narration: Three-fourth said “ We will leave, but you need to answer some questions that might help you in your quiz tomorrow and we are here to help”. Shot description: Zoom in on lady fraction character. Audio: Music

  13. Narration: . 3/4 started quizzing Diane. She asked, “: 2/4 and 1/4 are standing by the punch bowl. How many fourths are standing by the punch bowl? Shot description: Picture of two fraction characters standing by the punch bowl. Audio: Music.

  14. Narration: 2/3 and ½ are still dancing with Mr. Hotdog. What is the total of fractions dancing? Shot description: Two fraction characters dancing with a hotdog. Audio: Music

  15. Narration: Diane nervously thought of answers for those 2 questions then she heard a the sound of her alarm clock ringing. She looked at the clock and hurriedly got up. She thought, thank God I still have time to study for my quiz this morning Shot description: Picture of girl thinking transition to picture of alarm clock. Audio: Alarm clock ringing, music playing.

  16. Narration: She hurriedly got up, got her book and took her time studying for the quiz Shot description: Picture of girl reading a book Audio: music playing.

  17. Narration: At 7:30, she walked to school with confidence in her steps knowing that she will do better in her quiz Shot description: Picture of girl three girls walking to school Audio: music playing.

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