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What is Ecology?

What is Ecology?. Origin of the word…”ecology”. Greek origin OIKOS = household LOGOS = study of… Study of the “house/environment” in which we live. Ecology is study of interactions between. non-living components in the environment … light water wind nutrients in soil heat

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What is Ecology?

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  1. What is Ecology?

  2. Origin of the word…”ecology” • Greek origin • OIKOS = household • LOGOS = study of… • Study of the “house/environment” in which we live.

  3. Ecology is study of interactions between • non-living components in the environment… • light • water • wind • nutrients in soil • heat • solar radiation • atmosphere, etc. AND…

  4. Living organisms… • Plants • Animals • microorganisms in soil, etc.

  5. To study Ecology involves… • For living (biotic) • animal behavior • Taxonomy • Physiology • mathematics (population studies) • etc. • For non-living (abiotic) • Climatology • Hydrology • Oceanography • Physics • Chemistry • Geology • soil analysis, etc.

  6. Ecology… • views each locale as an integrated whole of interdependent parts that function as a unit. caribou tundra

  7. The interdependent parts are…

  8. Nonliving • dead organic matter • nutrients in the soil and water. • Producers • green plants Tundra

  9. Consumers • herbivores and carnivores • Decomposers • fungi and bacteria Tundra Caribou

  10. ECOLOGY: Levels of Organization - a hierarchy of organization in the environment

  11. Levels of organization - Terms • Biosphere • Surface of the earth • Composed of many ecosystems • Ecosystem • Large or small as we decide • Backyard, O’Melveney Park, Hedge along Room 110, etc.

  12. Levels of organization - Terms • Population – one species live in one place at one time • Community – All populations (diff. species) that live in a particular area.

  13. Levels of organization - Terms • Habitat – physical location of community • Organism – simplest level of organization

  14. Very complex • Can contain 100’s to 1000’s of interacting species.

  15. THEN… Ecology is an integrated and dynamic study of the environment.

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