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Diesel Truck Heater Are an Investment That Can Pay Off PowerPoint Presentation
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Diesel Truck Heater Are an Investment That Can Pay Off

Diesel Truck Heater Are an Investment That Can Pay Off

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Diesel Truck Heater Are an Investment That Can Pay Off

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  1. Article: Diesel Heaters Are an Investment That Can Pay Off Truckers run up against a lot of extra bells and whistles they can add to their rigs that do nothing more than cost them money. An Espar heater, however, is an investment that can pay for itself over the course of time. A truck heater is an auxiliary device that many rig operators add on to augment their onboard heaters. While these devices technically perform the same function as a standard truck heater, they have a few extra perks that can make them money saving investments. Here’s how diesel heaters can actually add up to savings: Engine conservation – An Espar heater is designed to operate using its own motor. That means the rig doesn’t have to be running or left in idle for it to function. During long traffic jams, overnight stops and in other circumstances, an auxiliary truck heater can operate on its own without requiring wear and tear on the rig’s engine. That can save truckers money in maintenance and replacement costs. It can also help ensure engine parts last as long as they are intended. Fuel conservation – Leaving a truck running simply to keep the heater on does draw fuel from the motor, as well. Diesel heaters are designed to use their own fuel supply in a highly efficient manner. This means truckers can save on those refilling costs that all too often associate overnight stays in rigs in colder climates. Reliability – Time is money in just about any business. For truckers, the old adage really applies. When cold mornings create false starts, time on the road is lost and deliveries may be late. An auxiliary truck heater, such as an Espar, can serve to prevent false starts. By also heating the engine compartment, these devices help ensure proper startups even on the coldest of mornings. What’s more, some models are designed for remote operation. That means a driver could be inside a warm, toasty home, hit a button and begin the process of warning the rig and its engine. Not every add on device for a rig ends up saving people money over the long haul. Diesel heaters, however, promote fuel efficiency, engine conservation, comfort and safety all at once. When combined, these perks can add up to savings very fast. About the Company Lubrication Specialists is a leading provider of Espar heater models to rig operators all over North America. The company prides itself on offering the most efficient truck heater models at highly competitive pricing.

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