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  2. How to find apps? You can choose your own categories; Zite gives you articles. Try “Apps for education”, for starters.

  3. Go to the App Store and search! • But try to be a bit specific. If you search for just “Spanish” you may get apps that are not appropriate for school. Check them out first!

  4. Some useful teacher apps… • Remember your little cardboard “Groovy Grader? You’ll never lose it…

  5. Teacher Pal/Teacher Kit • Easy-to-do grades, • attendance, and • comments

  6. Do you have “Pick a Student” sticks? • One of your students hid his stick so he’ll never get called on! Now he can’t hide…

  7. one common core app if you need it…

  8. Your ipad should be fun for you too! • And educational! Do you want to improve your comprehension? Watch TV from other countries for free on your iPad! Find programs you like and forget cable bills!

  9. Ipads and the magical Wow factor • Here’s a new use of Glass created by Spaniards, check the video… AR (Augmented around you. Reality) is SO amazing… soon, everyone will take it for granted and use it everywhere. Try junaio to see what’s AR (Augmented Reality) is amazing… soon everyone will take it for granted. Try junaio when you travel to see what’s around you.

  10. AR para los ninos: • ColAR Mix- coloring comes to life! Have kids write stories about the bird , pumpkins or the dragon … or pay for the others

  11. LISTEN to your ipad… • iTunes Radio is great, Pandora is a standard, “Radios” has over 25 stations from Spain to click on, There are also KARAOKE apps!

  12. Read on the ipad • Improve your Spanish as well as your students’. Click on word to define! • Get free books from the site or others : LibroMovil, Libros, Todoebook, la web del ebook, ebookmovil (Leyendas de Becquer).Some are better than others. • For students – Españolinteractivo has a story “Unaestatuamisteriosa” told at 3 levels. With activities • Revistas – Magazines usually let you preview an issue, then ask you to buy or subscribe: National Geographic and People have editions “En español” • Periodicos- search for free newspaper apps: Spain has,, amd more. Boston has El Planeta for local news. • Storybooks for kids: Read-aloud - a gallinaroja (Ana Lomba’s Spanish for Kids Sp-Eng, Sp-Chinese), SocknBoots (Media y botas read you a story).

  13. Travel/geography • NaionalGeogrpaphic World Atlas – Interactive globe • Quiz yourself or kids: TapQuiz Maps, (below right), Countries Quiz (flags), Capitals • Travel help: Madrid Triposo, True Maps HD Madrid, MAD Madrid… • SVQ Sevilla, City Walk Sevilla

  14. REference • DRAE : a free app for the Diccionario de la Real Academia Espanola! • World Lens scans and translates text! • MLD Multi Language Dictionary includes a number of interesting languages, as does • iTranslate – a free translator incl. Catalan, Galician, Icelandic, Welsh, Yiddish, etc..

  15. Play some games, improve your spanish • More challenging: • Millonario ( resembling Who wants to be a millionaire) • Word Smith (like Boggle, find words) • 7 Palabritas • Barron’s Painless Spanish Challenge (Quiz Game Show, videogame “rewards”) • Scio Learn Spanish (unscramble words) • Lucidifi Learn Spanish (flashcards or quiz) • Don Quixote has great activities for logical ordering, sentence formation, guess the next line, and more

  16. AMUSe yourself • Chistes: large collection of jokes, some not appropriate for school • For the younger set: • Fetch It! Turns your device into a word-getting game. Hold and move it like a video game controller and the dog runs to fetch the words for you. • Miperromascotavirual might be fun for the little ones (there is also a gato virtual). • El perro se llama espot and you have to take care of him or messages will pop up telling you what espot needs… • Remember Vokis? Tellegami is similar, but you get a whole person instead of a talking head. Fun!

  17. learn specialized vocabulary • Specialized vocab: • Mavro has a number of these: • Audio-Medical Spanish by Mavro • Dental Spanish by Mavro • Mavro Police Spanish Guide • Vocab. From different countries includes slang and inappropriate words: • Porteno Spanish • Guey Spanish

  18. Play and learn vocabulary • More extensive or more challenging: • Learn Spanish – Brainscape looks scientific! You can choose “General Knowledge – The Brain”, study for standardized tests or learn Basic Latin, Chinese, ingles, anglais, Chines, French or Spanish. This one measures your confidence level too! • Memrise is fun for Chinese, Fr., Ger., Ital., Port., Russ., Span • Eddlica language school Mobilniucitel will give you Spanish lessons in Czech! • Tap & Say includes many Asian languages; demos incl. Essentials and Numbers & Colours

  19. More vocabulary for students • Hello– hello Basic Spanish (Drag & Drop game, various activs. for the 4 skills, the demo of Esenciales includes 9 categories. • Lingorami • Learn Spanish – Queonda – flashcards w voice; the ones you miss come back more often. Many sample lessons and various games such as hangman or concentration • uSpeak Spanish games • Learn Spanish Pop Quiz (see pics.,hear word, choose correct pic of the gerund )

  20. Vocab games for the younger ones • iTot cards (Toddler flashcards w/photos, words, sounds, very cute) • Preschool universal ABC (word cards read with letter sound first) (p, p, perro) • FV frutas y vegetales (read with letter first (L esparalechuga) • Animales, same as frutas above • Lexi Spanish (picture ID animals) • LinguPinguin

  21. Learn verbs • Learn Bots help to learn verb forms, all tenses, one verb at a time • Verb Champion Spanish (type in correct verb form) • Spanish Verbs Lite (V es Spanish Verb)

  22. Learn spanish • Duolingo (diff. types of activities mixed in, play against your students) • Spanglish Free (verb families, cognates and false cognates, quotes and proverbs, consfusing words) • Yabla Spanish (video activities, same demo that has been out for years, as an app) • Learn Spanish by Video (many cute short video lessons, many ads to avoid on demo) by Tom Veitch • Spanish courses: • Learn Spanish with Busuu • Living Language

  23. Projects? Try these… • Comic Maker – new, really easy • Story Press • Story Me • iMake Cartoons • Misrecetas • QueCocinoHoy • WorldGourmet • SpanishTapas

  24. Text to speech, speech to text • Speech to Text: Dragon Dictation software or app • You speak, it writes… but it is just funny in other languages… • Text to Speech • You write, it speaks… there’s one called iTranslator that has many languages incl Port. From Brazil vs Port. From Portugal, Lithuanian and much more, but I haven’t had much success yet

  25. Broadcast yourself • Nearpod – broadcast to your students’ ipads • Create and broadcast video lessons or watch others’ presentations • Knowmia • Touchcast • iCast 2.0