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  1. AVATAR Character: JAKE SULLY

  2. FIRST IMPRESSION: • From the beginning of the film our first impression of Jake’s character is that he is ignorant because he lacks knowledge about Pandora and his mission. • He is also immature because he acts like a child, he’s lost and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. • He has a strong background with the military with the marine attitude. “Once a marine, always a marine” There are a lot of low angles showing that he is more vulnerable than the other characters because he is disable and in a wheelchair. He is also in a low key lighting showing his weakness and how small he is compared to everyone else.

  3. He has determination to get his legs back and is willing to do anything to get it back. • Because he is willing to do anything, it makes him selfish in a way, because he’s not thinking about anyone but himself. He is also alone in the world because his brother died and he has no sense of belonging. In the end, Jake realizes that he feels as if he belongs more with the Navi people, and is converted in to an Avatar for ever.

  4. Relationships:

  5. Neytiri: • Jake has a connection with a avatar named Neytiri. • At first they do not have a kind connection at all, she sees him “ like a baby” . • After more time spent together, Jake starts to learn more ways of how to become one of The People (Avatar) . • Jake and Neytiri eventually have feelings for each other and are “mated life” as Neytiri herself states.

  6. Quaritch: • Jake also has a relationship with Quaritch who is the head of the Army Base. • Jake sees Quaritch as a “fatherly” type. Quaritch himself even calls him “son” • Because Quaritch promised Jake a pair of new legs, Jake looks up to him and obeys what he it told. • Jake ends up betraying Quaritch in the end, when he has chosen to be on the Avatars side, and is part of the Omaticaya people. And respects himself too, instead of stucking up to people like Quaritch

  7. Grace: • Grace is like a Motherly type figure towards Jake. • Jake looks up to Grace, and actually respects and understands her knowledge about the Navi. • Jake has always watched out for her and backs her up in the toughest time when it come to protecting the Navi.