mrs pellerin vanderloop s third grade class n.
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Mrs. Pellerin-VanderLoop’s Third- Grade Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Pellerin-VanderLoop’s Third- Grade Class

Mrs. Pellerin-VanderLoop’s Third- Grade Class

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Mrs. Pellerin-VanderLoop’s Third- Grade Class

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  1. Mrs. Pellerin-VanderLoop’s Third- Grade Class Welcome, students!

  2. Welcome to Third Grade! • I will introduce you to third grade and to our classroom. • If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

  3. All About Me • My background • I grew up in New Hampshire. Later in Middle school, I moved to Florida. • I attended Dunedin Middle & High School, and I got my teaching degree at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. I majored in Primary/Elementary/Specific Learning Disabilities and minored in Math. • My experience • I’ve been teaching for 11 years, all here at Kings Highway. • I have also taught 2/3 and 4/5 Varying Exceptionalities class, but third grade STARS is my favorite.

  4. My Family • I just recently got married on July 5, 2008 to Mr. Greg VanderLoop. • I have two step-sons: Cody and Zack • I have a younger brother, who is a fire fighter in Jacksonville. • I have no pets at this time.

  5. Class Subjects • The subjects we cover during third grade are: • Reading and Writing • Math • Science/Health • Social Studies • Music and Art

  6. Reading • Books available for preview. • New Reading adoption MacMillan-McGraw Hill. •

  7. Writing • Writing grades will be complied from: spelling creative writing language arts

  8. Math • Harcourt Math • Books are available for preview. • Riverdeep Math at home:

  9. Science • Books available for preview. • New science and technology grant. • Third grade will be working with 8th grade Kennedy Middle School and our project is Space.

  10. Social Studies • Learning about the world around them • Presidential election • Good citizenship

  11. Music and Art • Art: Mrs. Jardine 40 minutes/week Located next door • Music: Ms. Buckley 40 minutes/week Located in the Music portable

  12. I will assign about 45 minutes of homework every night. This includes 20 minutes of reading. • Please check all homework and sign and return the agenda, everyday. • If you would like to write to me in the agenda, this proves to be a very nice way to communicate, because I look at this every morning. You can also reach me on my cell phone between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  13. Tardiness • The first bell rings at 7:35 A.M. School starts at promptly at 7:45 A.M. • If you aren’t in the classroom by the time the second bell rings, please check in at the school office before coming to class. • Tardies: All tardies are reported to the office on a daily basis. Excessive tardies are turned into the state for further review.

  14. Absences • If your child is absent please send a note in with your child when he/she returns to school. • If your child is absent more than three days please send in a doctor’s note. • Your child is responsible for getting and returning all make-up work. • All absences that are unaccompanied by a note from the parent, are considered unexcused.

  15. Classroom Community • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. • Our class rules are: • Be respectful and responsible. • Be organized and follow directions. • Be on time. • Be prepared.

  16. Behavior Plan • I use a color system to manage behavior. You can monitor your child’s behavior each day by referring to their agenda nightly. • Green: Excellent Behavior • Blue: Warning Only • Yellow: In Class Time Out • Purple: Out of Class Time Out • Red: Office Referral

  17. Field Trips and Guest Speakers • Science Center • Ruth Eckerd Hall • Kennedy Space Center • Channel 8 News Weather

  18. My Pledge • To give you the academic and social skills you need to progress to fourth grade. • To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment. • To help you make new friends and discover new interests. • To motivate, inspire and encourage you to be the best student you can be. • I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. • I will respect you and work with you to solve problems.

  19. Let’s Have a Great Year!