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New York City

New York City. By Hannah Blackmore BLK 4. The Statue of Liberty.

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New York City

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  1. New York City By Hannah Blackmore BLK 4

  2. The Statue of Liberty • The Statue of liberty was 100 years old in 1986. Its birthday is on October 28 1986. It is now 126 years old. The people offrancegave it to the people of New York, it was a sign of their friendship. The statue of liberty symbolizes freedom, democracy and friendship between countries of the world.  Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was the sculptor of the statue of liberty. It also had some other people working and funraising for it too. AlexandreGustave Eiffel, the creator of theEiffel tower, was in charge of the skeletal framework. Joseph Pulizer was a editor and used his job for some fundraising events. They finished in July, 1884. But it took a long time to take it to New York. Finally it arrived in New York Harbor in June of 1885. On its birthday, October 28 1986, that was the first day it was released to the public. That is some of the history of the Statue of Liberty. 

  3. Statue of Liberty picture

  4. Madison Square Garden • Madison square garden broke ground on October 29,1964. The Garden is used for concerts, boxing, basketball, ice shows, circuses and more. Taylor Swift, Micheal Jackson and Justin Bieber are some of the artists preform here. In 1969, Jimi Hendrix experience played here a sold out show. The rolling stones played here 24 times. It was a backdrop for the concert from the grims concert films.

  5. The Garden

  6. Empire State Building • It was on record the tallest building from 1931 to 1972.It took two years to build this building. It is a 102 story building. It’s a located at the fifth avenue and west thirty fourth street. It opened on May 1, 1931. It is 443 meters. It has 104 floors. The area is 8,094 meters two. Starrett Bros. and Eken were the buildings. There is 6,500 windows in it. The achitect who worked on this project are Shevre, Lamb 7 associates.

  7. Empire State Building

  8. Central Park • The park is a urban park. The construction was started during the civil war. In 1858, Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux won a design a competition to improve the Greensward plan. It is located near 59th street. There’s a lot you can do in central park from carriage rides to playground to go to the zoo. You can play sports too!

  9. The Metropolitan museum of art • If you go to New York City, you should go to the metropolitan museum of art. They have so many exhibits that go on for a limited time. They are mostly historic. One exhibit is African art. It is inspired by the 1910s and 1920s. Alfred Stieglitz, Marius de Zayas, John Quinn and more worked on these pieces. Other pieces comes from Greek and Rome.

  10. Brooklyn Bridge • It is the largest bridge in the world. The Brooklyn bridge has the title of one of the oldest bridge in the united states. The length is 486.3 meters, giving it the longest suspension bridge in the world. In the old day it use to be called the East river side. It opened in 1903. The government named it.

  11. The Brooklyn Bridge

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