crime and punishment n.
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Crime and Punishment PowerPoint Presentation
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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment

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  1. Crime and Punishment Part Five

  2. Svidrigaylov’s Complicated Character – good looking, charming, intelligent, open, honest, moral drifter, rapist, murderer. Has freedom from all limitations creating metaphysical boredom. No spiritual force outside of himself. Believes in NOTHING. True nihlism. Chapter one

  3. “Well, wasn’t I right when I said we were kindred spirits?” (Svidrigaïlov) In the Raskolnikov-Svidrigaïlov conversation, both men show great similarities in their thinking

  4. “We always imagine eternity as something beyond our conception, something vast, vast. But why must it be vast/ Instead of all that, what if it’s on little room, like as bathhouse in the country, black and grimy with spiders in every corner, and that’s all eternity is?” Spirtual bankruptcy of all permissiveness. Hopelessness

  5. “I see myself that I may have acted very, very recklessly in disregarding the universal verdict.” • -“AvdotyaRomanovna, if I go out of that door now, with such a farewell, depend upon it I shall never return. Think well! I mean what I say!” • -“‘What insolence!’ cried Dounia, springing up from her place, ‘I do not wish you to return!’” (Luzhin and Dounia) • What do we learn about each of the characters during the fight scene at the family gathering? Chapter two

  6. “Leave me, but …don’t leave them. Do you understand?” (Raskolnikov) • Why does Raskalnikov leave the family gathering? • What trangresses between Raskalnikov and Razumikhin on the stair? What does Razumikhin seem to feel in response to this unspoken conversation? Chapter Three hallway scene

  7. Raskanikov’s questions about Sonia become ours: • How does Sonia live in misery without going mad? How does Sonia have hope? How does Sonia live a life of depravity but it does not touch her? What is the source of her strength? Chapter four

  8. Suffering humanity • “what should I be without God?” • Not comprehendable by Raskalnikov because he is unwilling to give up his will to believe in God’s – Hamlet reminder… sonia

  9. The biblical narrative of the Raising of Lazarus is found in chapter 11 of the Gospel of John.[7] Lazarus is introduced as a follower of Jesus, who lives in the village of Bethany near Jerusalem.[8] He is identified as the brother of the sisters Mary and Martha. The sisters send word to Jesus that Lazarus, "he whom you love," is ill.[9] Instead of immediately traveling to Bethany, according to the narrator, Jesus intentionally remains where he is for two more days before beginning the journey. • When Jesus arrives in Bethany, he finds that Lazarus is dead and has already been in his tomb for four days. He meets first with Martha and Mary in turn. Martha laments that Jesus did not arrive soon enough to heal her brother and Jesus replies with the well-known statement, "I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me shall live, even if he dies. And everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die in eternity".[10] Next encountering Mary, Jesus is moved by her sorrow. The narrator here gives the famous simple phrase, "Jesus wept".[11] • In the presence of a crowd of Jewish mourners, Jesus comes to the tomb. Over the objections of Martha, Jesus has them roll the stone away from the entrance to the tomb and says a prayer. He then calls Lazarus to come out and Lazarus does so, still wrapped in his grave-cloths. Jesus then calls for someone to remove the grave-cloths. The narrative ends with the statement that many of the witnesses to this event "believed in him." Others are said to report the events to the religious authorities in Jerusalem. • The Gospel of John mentions Lazarus again in chapter 12. Six days before the Passover on which Jesus is crucified, Jesus returns to Bethany and Lazarus attends a supper that Martha, his sister, serves.[12] Jesus and Lazarus together attract the attention of many Jews and the narrator states that the chief priests consider having Lazarus put to death because so many people are believing in Jesus on account of this miracle.[13] The story of Lazarus

  10. What is the significance of the Lazarus story? • How is Sonia Raskalnikov’s double? • In what ways does Raskalnikov see them as the same – what ways is he wrong and what ways is he correct? • Raskalnikov has lost faith in himself – how can Sonia be his teacher? • Porifry says of R ”is one of those men who would smile under torture as long as they believe in what they are doing.” Sonia

  11. How does Porifry keep Ras in constant anxiety? • Tactics proven true in modern criminology – people prefer direct accusations – even imprisonment. More intelligent people find uncertainty even harder and will often incriminate themselves to get the torture overwith. • Ras hates Porifry representation of the law because he wanted to be liberated from it – instead has to face the benefits of keeping inside the law in Porifry. Chapter Five

  12. Why, my dear, you did not expect it either. Look how your hands shake!” • -“You are trembling yourself PorfiryPetrovich” • -“So, I am, sir. I did not expect this…” (Porfiry and Raskolnikov) • Why does Nikolay confess? • Why is Porifry convinced of Raskalnikov’s crime even if Nikolay confesses? • How does Raskalnikov feel when he leaves the police station? Chapter six