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  1. SAT II Biology E/M

  2. Test Information You must register to take the test at and pay the fee! Test Date: June 4th Deadline to Register: May 10th $47 fee to register School Code: 333388 Test Center: 33-548 (Shaker High School) You may designate up to 4 colleges to receive your scores that you know you will apply to.

  3. Colleges that Require SAT II • SUNY Colleges DO NOT require any SAT II Subject Tests • In general, 2 year colleges, business schools, hospital nursing and vocational certificate programs DO NOT require SAT II Subject Tests • Local Colleges: • Russell Sage, Siena, St, Rose, and Albany College of Pharmacy DO NOT require SAT II Subject Tests • Skidmore and Union Colleges- 3 SAT II Tests recommended (writing and 2 others) • RPI- 3 SAT II Tests recommended (writing, math, and physics or chemistry) • Ask in the guidance office about other colleges that you are interested in.

  4. Test Format • 2 options: Ecology or Molecular • Format: • 80 Multiple Choice (5 choices per question) • 60 core • 20 ecology or molecular • 1 hour total time • Scoring: # Correct – (0.25 x # Wrong) = Raw Score • (Raw score will then be scaled) • It can be a disadvantage to guess!

  5. Where we fall short…. The places where the SAT may go that we have not covered in Bio H are: Classification specifics- you will need more familiarity with the Kingdoms and, more importantly, with the phyla within each kingdom. Review the glands and hormones- many hormones in the book that we did NOT examine Review vitamins and minerals Population Genetics- Hardy Weinberg Aquatic Biomes- we mainly cover terrestrial ones If you have time, go through the glossary in the back of the review book

  6. Where to focus your studying Look through the sections where we fall short, and review some of the HARD parts like: Photosynthesis Respiration (aerobic and anaerobic) Chemistry Biochemistry DNA Structure and Function Protein Synthesis

  7. SAT II Test Strategies Don’t focus on the details too much. You need big picture info mostly. Answer each known question first. Circle the ENTIRE question on those you skip. Go back to the hard questions and think about them. If you can eliminate at least 2 wrong answers, it is to your advantage to guess. If you have no idea, leave the question blank and move on (it is a disadvantage to guess).

  8. More Test Taking Strategies Watch out for wording. Remember that there are different ways to ask the same question (monoploid vs. haploid, etc.) Never make a choice before reading through and understanding what the question is asking. Relax. Take a breath. The fate of the world is NOT riding on this one test.