chasing lincoln s killer n.
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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer PowerPoint Presentation
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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

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  1. Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Final Project Options Due Friday, May 2nd

  2. Movie Poster • Include title and author on the poster • Must be poster sized • Remember the time period • Creatively list main characters and what actors will portray those characters in the movie. • Attention grabbing graphics (possible slogan for the movie), but still includes correct information on the poster. Movie poster example from the 1991 Warner Bros. film JFK directed by Oliver Stone.

  3. Book Review • Begin the review with a MLA citation of the bibliographical information • Introductory paragraph – Why this book? – What is the author’s viewpoint and purpose? – Was the author qualified to write the book? • 2nd paragraph – brief summary of the book – Include words that would either make the reader of your review want to read the book or not. This is the purpose of a book review. • Sample review for The Hunger Games • 3rd paragraph – your opinion on the quality of the book – How does it compare to other books on the same topic? What did you like/ not like about the writing style? You can give examples to back up your opinions here. • Conclusion – Give your overall opinion of the book. Summarize your most important points.

  4. Poetry Book • Your poem would need to include actual information about the book, characters, and events. • Make sure it is obvious you read the book. Outside research can also be included. • Choose 3 – Illustrations are impressive! • Haiku • Acrostic • Cinquain • Diamante • I am From

  5. Chasing Lincoln’s Killer A-B-C book • A word for each letter of the alphabet with a sentence of how it relates to the book. • Your connection to the book should be informative and creative. • By hand or PowerPoint Images are from the book A is for Activist by InnosantoNagara.

  6. Medical Techniques & Instruments Display • Use the injuries/ illnesses mentioned in the book as inspiration for your research. • How did they treat fever? • What is the best medical care available for Lincoln? • How would they set a broken leg? • Include pictures! This is Dr. Samuel Mudd’s medical kit that he used to help John Wilkes Booth. I found this image information at which is the website for Ford’s Theatre.

  7. Good Luck Poster • Research good luck items • State why they are considered lucky. • Draw a connection to the book. • Include pictures.

  8. Wanted Posters of 3 Murders/ Accused Accomplices • Include name, picture, 7-10 clues to help bring in the fugitive • Make this authentic, remember the time period. • Who would you contact with information? These examples were found through a Google Images search. You can use parchment or tea-stained paper to create an aged effect on your posters.

  9. Cemetery Search • Create an informational poster. • Where did the people in the book end up? • You will need to create a poster to display your information. Abraham Lincoln’s tomb in Springfield, Illinois from

  10. Timeline • Create an interactive timeline • At least 12 events • At least 4 interactive • Flaps • 3D objects • Pop-ups • pockets Examples of interactive timelines from Pinterest.

  11. Biography Board • Poster example is on your assignment sheet. • You must complete both of these templates on your poster.