tester 2012 usa work sharp knife tool sharpener n.
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Tester 2012 - USA Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener PowerPoint Presentation
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Tester 2012 - USA Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Tester 2012 - USA Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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Tester 2012 - USA Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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  1. Tester 2012 - USAWork Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Skjerper alle typer kniver til jakt, fiske, kjøkken, camping osv.

  2. Redaksjonelle tester - USA

  3. Redaksjonelle tester - USA Fur Fish Game In Fisherman North American Fisherman

  4. Redaksjonelle tester - USA

  5. Felt tester ! North American Hunting Club, North American Fishing Club and the Handyman Club of America have tested and approved this product! • “As for my home trial, I’ve sharpened all the kitchen cutlery, and fillet and hunting knives, in the house and am extremely happy with the results—and amazed at the speed with which I got it all done. You can tell anyone I said so.” Kurt Beckstrom, Editor of North American Fisherman • “It’s so easy to use. It has the guides so there is no guess work for the right cutting edge. It just as easy to use at home or out hunting if you’re like me that has a generator to plug in to back at camp.” • “This product is awesome! I couldn't believe how fast it was to sharpen all my pocket and hunting knives. We even tested a old pair of scissors and small gardening shovel and it was fast and easy. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.” • “I did all my hunting knives (over 8) and three pair of scissors and all of our kitchen knives in less than 45 minutes! Excellent edges on all and the wife even praised the scissors I did for her.” • “This is a great sharpener period! It is very easy to use, after getting the mechanics figured out on how to hold the knife in the guide I sharpened my 8 kitchen knifes in 5 minutes. The versatility of this product is great, after sharpening my knifes I headed to garage. Lawnmower blade, axe and splitting maul sharpening was never so easy.”


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  8. Ken Onion test Ken Onion Shares his thoughts on The Blade Forum “I sponsor a Bear hunt in the village of Tyonek Alaska every year for "Paralyzed Veterans of America" and one of the guys brought one of these sharpeners with him and asked what I thought . I tested it out on a couple kitchen knives and have to say , it was quite clever . It amazes me how little sharpening a knife has evolved since the invention of the knife . Most people still use a stone, but few know how to use one properly and as a result everyone I know has a drawer full of abandon kitchen knives and pocket knives that have gotten dull over time and no longer cut. Some folks buy those electric sharpeners which are the size of a small microwave and only sharpen certain knives and usually not very well. Almost all of these sharpeners are inherently flawed to say the least. I have to say ,your sharpener is a definite step in the right direction . It is multi purpose , compact , simple to use , priced right, will sharpen just about any type of edged tool , and is  just damn clever. I can see this system blossom into a full blown must have and I believe the market is ripe and ready for a product like this.” - Ken Onion 1/4/2011 Ken Onion is a premier Knife Maker and designer for Kershaw and CRKT