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Sandy Schimmel

Sandy Schimmel

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Sandy Schimmel

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  1. Sandy Schimmel

  2. Biography My vision: to utilize the disciplines of painting & mosaic to create a connected collection of representational or abstract images in segments of color - while utilizing resources that would otherwise go to waste. It’s a spiritual and an artistic calling, complete with the inherent agony and ecstasy. There are moments when I look at my work and think – that’s extraordinary… that’s why I do this! It's also an organic communion of thought and inspiration. I portray faces as I imagine they might be using images from advertising ephemera. I am motivated by external stimuli - art and beauty, fashion and design. It’s the attention and dedication to craft – hand-cutting, hand-fitting each tiny piece – some work includes thousands of pieces – from squares to shards. It’s close to couture in the amount of time and detail.

  3. Each piece expresses a mood – a calculated effect - high drama, serenity, sexuality or humor. I am a rabid recycler - I am compelled to upcycle unusual resources to create my art. Look closely for menu items, junk mail postcards, business cards, old greeting cards, cruise itineraries, gallery openings... stand back to view the sum of the parts - a textural representation of beauty. "What's in a face?" "What is beauty?" I was forced to explore this concept when my own face was radically changed. What is society's version of beauty? Celebrities, models, images made for advertising - the eternal come-on... What's in a face? It is only a visage we present for review. Can you see the “thinker behind the eyes” through an intricate facade... a false front? I believe we are an aggregate of tiny bits: who we are and where we've been - or who we want or pretend to be. The tesserae, the "tiles" I create from junk mail represent those bits in color and texture and meaning.

  4. Yes, my work is very "busy." In my head, Synesthesia*, Eidetic Imagery*, Perfect Pitch* and an unquenchable desire to delve into concepts, history, images and ideas – compete and collide. I take fascinating and colorful expeditions down rabbit holes. My art reflects the flashing of images on the screen of my brain... images in tiny bits, in a color scheme that may only exist in my mind.  The how, the exact process, is not important – the finished creation is the end of the journey. Now, it is up to you to enjoy. SandhiSchimmel Gold