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Staff Development Enhancing Student Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Staff Development Enhancing Student Learning

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Staff Development Enhancing Student Learning

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Staff Development Enhancing Student Learning

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  1. Staff Development Enhancing Student Learning

  2. Using Learning Technology to embed Professionalism: a team approach

  3. Why LEAP Online? Academic skills portal Library-led project but University wide collaboration

  4. Flexible Learning Present information in a dynamic and engaging way Bite Sized Learning Work Based Learning Badged Assessments

  5. Case Study: LEAP Online Professionalism section First Steps Suggestion from Faculty of Health and Wellbeing academics to develop a section on Professionalism. Academic collaboration to develop section content Content Development Direct liaison between eLearning developer and academic lead Discussion of ideas for section contents, activity and badged assessment New and unique ‘Professionalism’ digital badge

  6. Case Study: LEAP Online Professionalism section Section Activity Design Scenario based activity Initial ideas presented in the form of a mind map document Draft activity produced Regular meetings with academic to refine activity Roll out to other academic departments within the University of Bolton

  7. Scenario Development Section Activity Design Scenario based on discussion with academic lead, PLP’s and students Initial draft of the section presented to students for feedback Early versions shared with academic team and PLP’s for feedback Draft activity produced Regular meetings to refine activity Development of Professionalism for All section and further discussions on University wide roll out. Roll out to other academic departments within University of Bolton academic departments within the University of Bolton Informed development of Action Research Project

  8. Next Steps: Feedback from learners is positive in relation to the relevance and significance of the LEAP Online section. Further development of LEAP Online level 2 & 3 will be required to embed the standards of Professionalism that are fundamental to high quality patient care across the duration of programmes and facilitate deeper learning. Action Research Question: Will completion of a LEAP Online section on Professionalism improve knowledge, understanding and application of the concept to learners on a nursing programme? Findings Key themes were highlighted, but in the main students do not associate the term with professional regulation and accountability. Following completion of the LEAP Online Professionalism section, knowledge, understanding and clarification of the term ‘Professionalism’ showed significant improvement. Conclusions: There are inconsistences and inaccuracies in the level of knowledge learners demonstrate in ‘Professionalism’ within the first year of their programmes. Following completion of LEAP Online Level 1, knowledge, understanding and application to individual experiences, demonstrates improvement in bridging the gap between University and Clinical practice.

  9. Future Plans Academic Development Involve Service Users and Stakeholders Student engagement & involvement Involve wider academic team Engagement across programmes Commence development of Level 2 and 3 sections Continue the Action Research Cycle Publication Librarian Liaison Development Identify academic leads in other subject areas to develop subject specific content Share collaborative work with sector networks such as Health Education England, CILIP etc.

  10. Further Reading Nursing and Professionalism • Francis, R. (2013) Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry. London: The Stationary Office. • Health Education England (HEE) (2016) Building capacity to care and building capability to treat: a new team member for health and social care in England: consultation. London: HEE • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2018) The Code: Professional Standards for Practice and Behaviour for Nurses, Midwives and Nursing Associates, NMC, London. LEAP Online • Barden, Mary & McIntosh, Emily. (2019) The LEAP (Learning Excellence Achievement Pathway) Framework: A Model for Student Learning Development in Higher Education. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. (14). ISSN 1759-667X • Barden, Mary and Grundy, Dawn (2017) LEAP Online - beyond academic skills. In: University of Bolton TIRI Conference, 5th and 6th July 2017, University of Bolton. • Barden, Mary, Grundy, Dawn and Prescott, Graeme (2014) Embedding information literacy into the curriculum. In: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2014, 23 June 2014, University of Bolton. • Grundy, Dawn , Barden, Mary , McIntosh, Emily Alice and Prescott, Graeme (2018) Leap Online #theboltonway #theboltondifference. ALISS Quarterly, 14 (1).ISSN 1749258 • Grundy, Dawn , Barden, Mary and Prescott, Graeme (2015) BISSTO : Developing Information Literacy and Digital Literacy Skills. In: TIRI Conference, 7th - 9th July 2015, University of Bolton. • Grundy, Dawn , Lord, Helen, Doolan, Siobhan and Day, Louise (2018) Enhancing the student journey: Let's LEAP Online! In: TIRI Conference, 4th - 5th July, 2018, University of Bolton.