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WESTEST 2 Online Writing

WESTEST 2 Online Writing

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WESTEST 2 Online Writing

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  1. WESTEST 2Online Writing Principal/Building Level Coordinator’s Responsibilities

  2. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities Training • Attend annual principal/building level coordinator training for WESTEST 2 Online Writing provided by CTC • Sign Principal/Building Level Coordinator’s Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement (Appendix C or D)

  3. Policy 2340 Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Training • Train examiners and other school personnel on Policy 2340: West Virginia Measures of Academic Performance, which establishes rules governing the administration and operation of assessments that are part of WV-MAP, including WESTEST 2. • Policy 2340 can be found by clicking on the following link and scrolling down to find the link for Policy 2340 under the heading “Educational Program Development”:

  4. Read the WESTEST 2 Online Writing Administration Manual Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Training

  5. Read Appendix A: Testing Code of Ethics Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Training

  6. Caution Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Training • Read all documents carefully and thoroughly. • Read all statements on the forms you sign. • Understand the consequences of violating testing administration procedures and test security. • Remember: Violations could result in possible suspension/termination and/or revocation of teaching license.

  7. Emphasize that the use of cell phones and other electronic devices by students AND examiners during testing and breaks is strictly prohibited. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices X

  8. Before a principal/blc, examiner, or technology coordinator can use a cell phone (or even a classroom phone) inside the computer lab, he or she should obtain permission from the CTC or WVDE. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Using Cell Phones to Address Technology Issues in the Lab

  9. Emphasize to examiners the importance of proper monitoring during testing. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Monitoring

  10. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Training • Sign Verification of Training and document training of examiners(Appendix G) • Send a copy of Verification of Training to CTC before receiving secure materials

  11. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Preparing for the Assessment • Arrange for the assessment on the days scheduled by the county test coordinator • Work with county and school technology coordinators to ensure that all computers are in good working order and that security features have been updated on all computers to be used in testing

  12. Informing Students Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Communication • Inform students of the date and general process of the assessment • Provide testing schedule to examiners to provide to students • Encourage students • Maintain a positive attitude • Ensure students are familiar with general procedures for WESTEST 2 Online Writing

  13. Informing Parents Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Communication • Distribute copies of WESTEST 2 Online Writing Parent Guide to parents

  14. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Providing Rosters • Prepare a roster for each examiner listing the examiner’s name, the date of testing, the grade level, the school name, the county name, student names scheduled for testing and student WVEIS numbers

  15. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Best Administration Practices • Arrange to assess students in groups of approximately 30 or fewer • Arrange to assess students in a lab/classroom setting with adequate lighting and ventilation • Make necessary arrangements for proper seating

  16. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Best Administration Practices • Eliminate distractions such as ringing bells, intercom announcements or telephones ringing during the assessment

  17. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Best Administration Practices • Ensure the testing schedule allows students sufficient opportunity to complete the assessment before the end of the school day • DO NOT begin testing late in the day.

  18. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Follow County Policy Regarding AUP Policy • It is not necessary for students to have signed Acceptable Use of the Internet Forms on file provided that the students will access the computer ONLY for WVDE authorized online assessments, including WESTEST 2 Online Writing. • However, principals/BLCs must follow their county policy regarding AUPs. If a student is not allowed to take Online Writing on the computer, he or she would have to hand write his or her paper, and a scribe would have to transcribe the composition onto the secure website.

  19. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Ensuring Students Receive Accommodations • Provide to examiners the WVS.326 Accommodations Provision Monitoring Forms for all students who require accommodations • Ensure that all proper accommodations are given during the test according to the students’ IEPs, 504 Plans and LEP Assessment Participation Forms • Arrange for scribes for students requiring that accommodation

  20. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Distribution of Materials and Maintaining Security • Distribute the 2014 WESTEST 2 Online Writing Administration Manuals, rosters, secure materials, pencils or pens and scratch paper to all examiners • Establish a plan for delivery and security of Passwords of the Day • Establish a plan for shredding secure materials, including scratch paper and student rough drafts

  21. Daily Rostering Principal’s/BLC’s Responsibilities: Understand Daily Rostering • Changes to the Online Writing roster will take place daily using an automated process with data obtained from WVEIS. • Changes should take place overnight, but if a change did not occur overnight, wait another day before trying to test.

  22. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Contacting County Test Coordinator • Contact the county test coordinator to • add students to the testing site (if not captured in daily rostering) • change students’ grade levels for proper matching to WESTEST 2 RLA multiple-choice sessions (if not captured in daily rostering) • request students’ login information to be reset • request spelling or other errors on roster be corrected (if not captured in daily rostering) • Inform county test coordinator of any testing irregularities, including students who have difficulty logging on to the testing site

  23. Security Reminder Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: Maintaining Security • Maintain Security of Test Materials • Password of the Day • Passages and Prompts • “Do not retain, copy, reproduce, paraphrase, distribute or discuss” (Testing Code of Ethics) • Maintain Security of Student Responses • Rough Drafts • “Do not retain, copy, reproduce, paraphrase, distribute or discuss” (Testing Code of Ethics)

  24. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: WESTEST 2 Online Writing Contact Information For Questions About • Testing Policies • Accommodations • Test Security (including Password of the Day) • Return of Test Materials Contact • Your county test coordinator

  25. Principal/BLC’s Responsibilities: WESTEST 2 Online Writing Contact Information For Questions About • Technological Problems Contact • Your county test coordinator and county technology coordinator

  26. WVDE Support/Contact West Virginia Department of Education Office of Assessment and Accountability Dr. Vaughn Rhudy Reading/Language Arts and Online Writing Assessment Coordinator 304-558-2546

  27. Last ResortSupport/Contact Information CTB/McGraw-Hill Product Support Staff 866-282-2250

  28. Key Websites • West Virginia WESTEST 2 Assessment Program • West Virginia Department of Education • Office of Assessment and Accountability • WESTEST 2 Online Writing Technical Assistance Website