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Makapu’u research PowerPoint Presentation
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Makapu’u research

Makapu’u research

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Makapu’u research

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  1. Click play then Click Anywhere Makapu’u research

  2. Click Makapu‘u is a beautiful place in the eastern point of Oahu that is in the ahupua'a of Waimānalo. It has a scenic shoreline, a lighthouse, and pretty big waves.

  3. Click 4 times but not fast

  4. Then click here ----> Ahupua’a Waimanalo Click here ^ Wait…

  5. Click play. ^ I haven’t been there yet. 

  6. The cliff at Makapuʻu Point forms the eastern tip and is the site of a prominent lighthouse. The place name of this area, meaning "bulging eye" in Hawaiian. Click, wait…, and click again I found this in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  7. Click The name is thought to derive from the name of an image said to have been located in a cave here called Keanaokeakuapōloli.

  8. The Legend of Makapu‘u There was a young man named Hoku who had a great passion for the ocean. Every day early in the morning he would go down to Makapu'u beach and stay there all day. Once as he lay on the delicate sands, upon the high rocks above him he spotted a delicate figure peering down at him. It was a woman. He stood, and both their eyes met. He could see her shiny ehu hair blowing in the wind, her smooth tan skin, and her beautiful light brown eyes twinkle. It caused his heart to melt. Hoku started climbing the rock, and as he came to the top the woman reached out her hand. "What's your name?" she said in a soft voice. "Hoku; what's yours?" he said in a deep manly voice. "My name is Maile" she replied. They talked for a while, then Maile told Hoku that he must go, before her cousins could see them together. Hoku asked her why. She told him that if they saw her with a boy they would kill him; so Hoku left. Everyday after that Hoku would meet Maile on the rock and they would talk and embrace each other. When they could hear the voices of Maile's cousins, Hoku would leave. There were three of them, and they looked husky and very muscular, and they had no idea about Maile's secret love affair with Hoku . Then one day as Hoku and Maile were on the rock Hoku told Maile that he didn't want their love to be a secret any longer. Maile cried to Hoku pleading for him to go before her cousins saw them, but Hoku pulled Maile toward him. Before she could push him away the three muscular men came to the top of the mountain shocked by what they saw . They started yelling at Maile asking her who this man was. Maile was so confused. Then the men brought out their spears to strike Hoku. Hoku looked into Maile's teary light brown eyes and whispered softly "I love you". Before the men could kill Hoku, Maile took his hand and together they jumped off of the rock and died .They say that if you visit Makapu'u when there are strong currents, the ocean hits against the large rock and becomes a mist in the air. If you look hard enough, you can see Hoku and Maile holding each other over the beautiful beach of Makapu'u. Click

  9. Click The location of Makapu’u was considered to be of vital importance to maritimecommerce.