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Tips to help you deal with Lymphedema

Lymphedema can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and getting treatment for the issue is extremely important to help you cope with the same.

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Tips to help you deal with Lymphedema

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  1. Tips to help you deal with Lymphedema Dealing with Lymphedema can be a stressful ordeal, not just for the patient, but also to the family members and dealing with the same effectively can help reduce the pain and discomfort that comes along with Lymphedema. By following a few tips, one can increase the effectiveness of the treatment and help relieve the pain. Light to moderate exercise: Light to moderate exercise helps to increase blood flow to a targeted muscle group, which can help reduce muscle soreness and discomfort. Exercise also helps in reducing the swelling by helping to drain the lymph fluids from the effected area. The exercise should be light to moderate and should not make you feel tired and out of breath. A certified Lymphedema therapist in San Diego will help you understand the types of exercises and the frequency at which it should be done. Consider getting a massage: Getting a massage from time to time comes with its own sets of benefits and this is all the more important for those suffering from lymph disease. Through special massage techniques, a trained masseuse can help drain the excess fluids from the effected area, thus reducing the swelling and discomfort. If you are someone who is considering to get a lymph massage, then ensure that you get the same done by a professional, trained and certified masseuse. Wrapping the effected area: Wrapping the effected area helps reduce the swelling greatly, by pushing the fluids back into the body, thus helping you to feel at ease. But before you vaguely wrap the affected area, it is highly advisable

  2. to consult a Lymphedema therapist in San Diego, as he/she will help you understand the various ways and methods to effectively wrap the effected area. Eating healthy: Eating healthy should be high on everyone’s list and especially those suffering from Lymphedema. Avoiding fatty foods, junk foods and foods high in cholesterol will help reduce inflammation and the discomfort, and will increase the effectiveness of the treatment you are receiving. Finding the most effective treatment to reduce the pain and discomfort can be made a lot simpler, by following some or all of the above mentioned tips.

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