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Grand Canyon

DCM strata in the Colorado Plateau. Canyonlands. Grand Canyon. Canyonlands National Park. Canyonlands National Park. Arches. Bryce. Zion. Canyonlands National Park. Monument Uplift. Upper Paleozoic exposed. Canyonlands. Entire Paleozoic exposed. Grand Canyon. Rheic Ocean.

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Grand Canyon

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  1. DCM strata in the Colorado Plateau Canyonlands Grand Canyon

  2. Canyonlands National Park

  3. Canyonlands National Park

  4. Arches Bryce Zion

  5. Canyonlands National Park Monument Uplift

  6. Upper Paleozoic exposed Canyonlands Entire Paleozoic exposed Grand Canyon

  7. Rheic Ocean

  8. Ancestral Rockies

  9. Ancestral Rockies

  10. Clastic sediment

  11. Units mostly eroded Units exposed

  12. Salt Anticline Salt Valley

  13. Moab salt valley

  14. Salt valleys

  15. Salt anticlines

  16. Laramide compression

  17. Colorado River Salt Grabens

  18. Salt Grabens

  19. Salt Grabens

  20. Green River Colorado River salt grabens

  21. Monument Uplift

  22. NW SE Future graben area

  23. Upheaval Dome

  24. White Rim Sandstone

  25. Green River White Rim Sandstone

  26. Organ Rock Shale (Permian) Moenkopi Formation (Triassic)

  27. Mesozoic White Rim Sandstone (Permian)

  28. Units exposed in Upheaval Dome

  29. Permian White Rim Sandstone in core of dome

  30. Salt Diapir

  31. Diapir

  32. Salt Diapirs

  33. Salt Diaper

  34. Shatter cone

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