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Salt Sunday PowerPoint Presentation
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Salt Sunday

Salt Sunday

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Salt Sunday

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  1. Salt Sunday

  2. In the past a sea spread from Northern Ireland, through Cheshire towards Poland. Eventually it dried up leaving salt flats like those in Utah. AFP/Getty Images

  3. These salt flats were eventually covered and compressed into the rock salt (Halite) deposits we know today.

  4. Uses of SaltHumanity soon discovered the value of salt. The Romans use to give salt money to soldiers and civil servants so that they could buy their ration of salt. This salt money (Salarium) gives us the word salary

  5. No fridge or freezer Before refrigeration, salt was a good way to preserve meat and vegetables. It is still possible to buy salt beef and salt fish.

  6. The Salt Industry Apart from providing salt for table use there are many other ways in which salt is used.

  7. Water softening Sometimes hard water can cause lime scale which damages household heating systems or electrical equipment. Salt is used to make water softeners.

  8. Textiles and tanning Salt is used as a fixing agent, process chemical and preservative chemical in the textile and tanning industries.

  9. Food processing Salt is used in a wide variety of food products: dairy, snacks and convenience foods.

  10. Animal feeds Salt is an essential supplement for animal feeds. This salt lick provides cattle with those supplements.

  11. Chemical industry Salt is employed in the manufacture of chlorine, caustic soda and hypochlorite. Many of the factories around Northwich are involved in such production.

  12. Healing qualities Salt has been used in healing for centuries to treat wounds, fevers, respiratory problems and skin diseases. A balance of salt in the body is essential to wellbeing. Healing salt comprises of three individual pieces: Salt Bath: Made with towels and soap, Salt Bath is a spa therapy to treat and regenerate skin. Smelling Salt: A reflection on inhaling steam from salt to ease respiratory problems. Salt Solution: A saline drip replaces fluid to sustain life, carries drugs through the body and cleanses impurities

  13. Salt of the Earth You are the salt of the earth

  14. What does it mean to be ‘the Salt of the Earth?’

  15. Salt of the Earth • Selflessness

  16. Salt of the Earth • Selflessness • Assisting

  17. Salt of the Earth • Selflessness • Assisting • Loving

  18. Salt of the Earth • Selflessness • Assisting • Loving • Truthful

  19. Salt of the Earth

  20. Salt of the Earth We are called to witness to the love of God who loves us so much that he gave His Son Jesus to die on the Cross for us

  21. Salt of the Earth To rise from the tomb on the first Easter Day.

  22. Salt of the Earth To ascend to His Father in heaven. God wants us to bring goodness into the world by living our lives in faithful service.

  23. Salt sodium chloride structure

  24. Salt