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Special Events Liabilities PowerPoint Presentation
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Special Events Liabilities

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Special Events Liabilities
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Special Events Liabilities

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  1. Special Events Liabilities Prevention and Control Strategies

  2. Develop Strategies for Success • Adopt a special events policy • Conduct pre-event planning using a committee or event coordinator • Administrative controls • Site evaluation • Traffic and parking • Crowd management • Security • Medical services • Use an application to help regulate and properly manage events sponsored by outside parties.

  3. Insurance • Request certificates and additional insured endorsements from all parties involved. • If at all possible, general liability insurance ($1,000,000.00 minimum) should be required for businesses and organizations participating in the event.

  4. Insurance Cont. - Certificates • An insurance agent simply listing your entity as additionally insured on a certificate of insurance is not good enough. • Require the insurance company of the outside party specifically outline the rights of the additional insured. • Contact your VML Insurance Programs Underwriting Department with any questions.

  5. Insurance Cont. • Certificates of insurance may not always be practical for all participants • Artists and craftsmen • hobbyists • However, REQUIRE certificates of insurance from all food vendors, entertainer promoters, or race coordinators

  6. Use Hold Harmless Agreements: An agreement whereby the first party (the indemnitor) agrees to hold a second party (the indemnitee) harmless from tort liability arising out of the indemnitor's negligent act or omission.

  7. Use Indemnity Agreements: Although similar to a hold harmless agreement, an indemnity agreement is an arrangement whereby one party agrees to pay the other party for any damages regardless of who is at fault.

  8. Volunteers • Important to the success of events • Can create their own liability exposures • May require additional training to conduct their tasks in a safe manner • Money handling • Event instructions and accurate information • Traffic control and parking • Volunteers who will be operating vehicles owned or leased should have their MVR checked

  9. Contract the Event • To an independent party such as an event coordinator or contractor. • Caution: Too much control over the independent contractor can spoil the independent relationship. • Agree upon goals but do not retain the power to control the specific details of the work.

  10. Conclusion • Special events must be carefully managed so that the safety and health of the participants in mind, the protection of public property considered and the impact of non-participating citizens minimized. • Departments within a locality must work together to ensure a safe event and to eliminate liabilities arising out of special events. • Proper guidance and risk control procedures can reduce the likelihood, as well as the severity of incidents that may occur.

  11. Let the events begin!!!!!!